Saturday, August 27, 2011

3 Things I'm Loving Right Now! -- Vol. 1

Hey everyone! I'm totally taking advantage of what's probably my last "lazy Saturday" now that I'm back to being employed.. and as I was sitting here enjoying my freedom and laziness, I decided to start a quick theme: 3 Things I'm Loving Right Now.

First up: TruTV. I've loved all of the World's Dumbest shows for years.. the commentary panel is generally hilarious and they totally make the show. But I've recently gotten into Hardcore Pawn and the other random "actuality" shows TruTV offers. Besides, there's nothing better than watching a marathon of "World's Most Shocking" videos late at night or on Saturday. (Which is totally what I'm doing right now.)

Next: Blue polish. Specifically ChG 'Dorothy Who?'.. I've never hated blue polishes, but I've never been a huge fan either. I generally tend to gravitate towards pinks and reds. Shocking, I know.. But since I've taken my acrylics off, I've been drawn to nothing but blue polishes and I don't understand it. I take one off to put another on.. and I think I've worn Dorothy Who? at least 4-5 times in the last 3 weeks. I think it also helps that the dense glitter in DW? helps disguise the huge ridges in my nails from where they were filed for the acrylics.
Last: Ramen! Have you ever noticed how delicious it is when you eat it out of choice rather than necessity? Personally, I prefer chicken or beef but I'm not too picky. It's the perfect super quick and easy lunch or snack.. and it's even more delish if you add some lunch meat, shrimp, or chicken strips to it. And for the record, I definitely just finished a bowl of chicken ramen. :)

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And that's it.. Three things I'm loving at the moment! I tag anyone who wants to do this.. and you don't have to do random things. If you'd rather keep it in line with the genre of your blog (all polish, all makeup, etc), that's totally perfect too!

Also.. I'm not sure if I will have a Beauty Spam Sunday up for you tomorrow. I know, I know.. but our camera is acting really weird and I don't know if it will be fixed in time. I'll do my best, though! 

♥ M

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