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REVIEW -- Wet N Wild Lip Gloss Extravangaza! (PART 2)

Hey y'all! Today I have the second part of my mega Wet N Wild gloss review! Again, this will be a lengthy post and I apologize for that.

Also, don't forget that I have set aside other lip glosses that I'm not counting here for my 6 MONTH BLOGIVERSARY GIVEAWAY that launches on September 11th!

From L-R: 310A This Too Shall Glass, 311A Glass Confusion, 314A Mow the Glass, 312A Glass is in Session
I received 4 out of the 6 Glassy Glosses. The other 2 colors are a clear and a warm reddish hot pink. These are touted as "Lip Gels" and retail for $2.99 wherever Wet N Wild products are sold. These glosses come in standard squeeze tubes and have a thinner consistency than the glosses I reviewed yesterday, but I wouldn't consider them to be runny. They have a very light, sweet cherry fragrance that isn't noticeable once you're wearing the product. And as with the other glosses, these are non-sticky and non-drying and I can get about 4-6 hours of wear out of them.

I love that these are compact and easy to take on-the-go. They're great for makeup bags, purses, backpacks, or clutches. Here's the in-depth look at each color:

310A This Too Shall Glass -- A true baby pink shimmer with buildable color that gives off a fantastic shine. I have worn this alone and over a pink lip stain to deepen the color and it looks fabulous both ways. I like that it has a noticeable color, but is also light enough to be a great "almost nude" gloss in case you're looking for something more subtle.

311A Glass Confusion -- A shimmery lilac gloss that looks amazing layered under the WnW Diamond Brilliance Baby's Got Bling. I like wearing this with purple or pink eyeshadow, as the shadow will really play up either the purple or pink pigment in the gloss. It also looks really great over a pink lip stain. This is easily one of the most versatile glosses I own!

314A Mow the Glass -- A sheer coral gloss that really does make me think of "gel". Generally speaking, I don't turn to sheer glosses very often, but if I'm wearing very minimal makeup, it's truly the perfect juicy-looking gloss. It's also great to layer over anything from lip liner to lipstick to get a more color-rich shine.

312A Glass is in Session -- By far my favorite gloss! A bright pink shimmery gloss that Chris perfectly described as "Pepto Bismol pink". I wear this either over a pink lip stain or under another gloss that I'll talk about in a second. It's a very flattering shade of pink that has just enough of a blue tint to help your teeth look whiter. 

I like these glosses and think they're a great quality for the price. I mean, $2.99 for a tube of gloss? How can you pass that up! The colors are gorgeous and the formula is light-weight, non-drying, long-lasting and not sticky. I know I'm definitely going to pick up another Glass is in Season and I'll probably grab the other color that I don't have as well. If I had to pick one thing I'm not absolutely in love with, it would be the scent. It's just a little too sweet for my liking, but as I said.. it's not noticeable at all once the gloss is on your lips. Therefore, I give these a perfect score of 5 out of 5 stars!

From L-R: 593 Crushed Grapes, 562B Cherry Glaze, 564A Cherish, 577A Red Sensation, 576A Rose Gold,  561A Crystal Clear
**NOTE -- 'Crushed Grapes' is actually a MegaBrilliance gloss, but it is the same price point.**

I received 6 out of the 14 MegaSlicks glosses. They retail for $1.99 a piece and are available wherever Wet N Wild products are sold. These glosses come in medium-sized thin tubes, but still have a lot of product for their price. These all have doe foot applicators. Overall, the glosses aren't sticky but do have varying consistencies. Crushed Grapes, Cherry Glaze and Crystal Clear are sheer and slick while Cherish, Red Sensation and Rose Gold are opaque and slightly creamy.

The only thing I had a problem with was getting the tubes open! I started by trying to completely remove the labels, but that left some glue behind and left the caps sticky. Then I figured out that it was much easier to just twist the caps open and break the sticker.

I'm starting to feel like a bit of a broken record, but these aren't sticky, aren't drying and last for a decent amount of time (2-4 hours). They're also easily portable and are perfectly pocket-sized. Here's a breakdown of the colors:

593 Crushed Grapes -- A sheer hot pink gloss that applies virtually clear with very visible multi-colored glitter flecks. I have only worn this over Glass is in Session and it makes such a gorgeous combo. Granted, I know that not everyone likes the look of visible glitter in their gloss.. and I don't like it all the time myself, but it's great for when you really want to put some extra sparkle and attention on your lips! The best part about this gloss is definitely the smell though. It smells just like super yummy grape candy! I love it!

562B Cherry Glaze -- A sheer, bright red gloss that has the perfect hint of juicy color. Like Mow the Glass above, this isn't a gloss that I would wear by itself every day.. but it's great for minimal makeup days, to add an extra layer of color and shine to any other lip product, or just whenever I want a more natural look on my lips. It also has a delicious cherry-vanilla scent!

564A Cherish -- A shimmery pink gloss that is halfway between This Too Shall Glass and Glass Confusion. The pigmentation is nice, but not necessarily buildable. What you see is pretty much what you get. Still, it's a great color though! I like wearing this with a stronger eye, since it is such a soft pink. Cherish has a cherry scent, but it also smells like makeup. If you've ever used any of the Sinful Colors tube lip glosses, it's the exact same smell. Not off-putting, just not as delicious as the other glosses.

577A Red Sensation -- A true ruby red shimmery gloss. If Dorothy's ruby slippers had a matching gloss, it would be this one. But don't get me wrong.. the intensity of the red isn't super bright. I don't do "true" reds at all, and I love the color. This is another great fall or evening color and I can't wait to start wearing it all the time. I think it looks best with a neutral smokey eye. And lastly, it has a great vanilla scent.

576A Rose Gold -- A shimmery pinky-brown gloss that leans slightly more brown. I love wearing this over Maybelline's Color Sensational lipstick in Nearly There. The colors are very similar and Rose Gold adds a very nice shine to the lipstick. This is another great neutral, fall color. I like wearing this when I wear heavier eye makeup to keep my lips looking polished and pulled together, but a little more nude and understated. This also has a vanilla scent.

561A Crystal Clear -- A standard clear gloss. This is the one I've used the least. I used it a couple times to top my pink lip stain and it adds a nice shine. The gloss is unscented and, to me, it smells awful. Although it's a fact that I think almost every unscented product smells awful. Chris said the smell "isn't that bad" but he also said he probably wouldn't use it if he was a girl. It doesn't taste very good if you get it in your mouth, either. But with the smell aside, the formula is great.

The MegaSlicks and MegaBrilliance glosses are great and I'll definitely be buying more of them! I love love LOVE that they are only $1.99! The quality is so fantastic! And the color selection is amazing: 14 MegaSlicks and 3 MegaBrilliance colors to choose from! You could get multiples for your home, purse, and office for the cost of one regularly priced drugstore gloss. While I wasn't so in love with the clear gloss, I feel like the pros definitely outweigh the one gloss that I didn't absolutely love.. so I give these another perfect score!

- - - - - * - - - - -

Aaaaaannnddd.... that's it! I'm finally done reviewing them all! And it's 250 am. So I really need to go to bed. ...I'm going to get right on that. I might post again later for you today.. maybe not. Depends on how motivated I am.

I hope that y'all have enjoyed reading all about Wet N Wild's AWESOME selection of lip glosses that I absolutely love, and that you're inspired to go out and try them for yourself if you haven't already done so!

Have a great day!

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