Wednesday, August 24, 2011

REVIEW -- Wet N Wild Lip Gloss Extravangaza! (PART 1)

Hey everyone! Wet N Wild recently sent me tons of lip gloss goodies to review. Seriously, it was like Christmas when I opened the package! I couldn't believe it when I just kept pulling product after product out. Even Chris was impressed! I have to say that they have some the best PR and CS staff ever! I absolutely adore them! Anyways, I've been diligently working my way through all of the products! Today, I'm finally ready to show you swatches and review them. Be warned.. this post will be lengthy even though I'm breaking it up into 2 parts. :)

PS - They actually sent me even MORE products than what I'm showing you, but the other goodies have been put aside for my upcoming 6 MONTH BLOGIVERSARY GIVEAWAY that launches on September 11th.. so stay tuned! ♥

First up, I got 2 of the 4 Juicy Lip Balms: Watermelon and Strawberry. (The other two flavors are Raspberry and Cherry! Yum!) They are a CVS exclusive and retail for $2.99 a piece. These are definitely "jumbo" lip balm tubes and are about the same height of a regular lipstick, but are much wider. You get a LOT of product for the price, but they're still a perfect size to fit in a pocket, clutch or purse!

Based on the name, I expected these balms to be, well.. juicy and sweet-smelling. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they smell like sour candy versions of the fruits! However, the sour smell does not translate into the taste of the balm. Each one just has the "fruit" taste of its flavor.

Application was a dream, but they tend to feel more slick than creamy. Still, they moisturized my lips and even have a bit of color to them! I also love that they have SPF 15.

I absolutely adore these lip balms for everyday, on-the-go use! The Strawberry one has found a permanent home in my purse and the Watermelon one is currently floating between my pool bag and my clutch. As I said, I love the smell of these balms and that they have SPF (which is why I have one in my pool bag!). Personally, I prefer a balm that is a bit more creamy for nighttime so I still use my EOS Smooth Mint before I go to bed, but the Wet N Wild balms are great for daily use! I give them 4.5 out of 5 stars!

From L-R: 611 Baby's Got Bling, 613 10 Carats for Bunny
Next, I got 2 of the 7 Diamond Brilliance Moisturizing Lip Sheens! The other colors include a red/berry, pink, mauve, coral and a clear. These retail for $2.99 wherever Wet N Wild products are sold, and are enriched with Vitamin E to soften and smooth lips. They are comparable to any standard "skinny" tube of lip gloss. I absolutely adore the diamond accent on the top of the tube, so of course I had to include a picture of it! How fun and sparkly is that?!

These glosses have a very smooth application and aren't sticky or goopy at all, nor do they dry out my lips! I can get about 4-6 hours of wear from an application, but I'm also not a gloss-eater. The wear on these is superb, whether you wear them alone or over another lip product. Here's a breakdown of the shades individually:

611 Baby's Got Bling -- A very soft, sheer baby pink iridescent gloss that is great for layering. I love using this on top of lipsticks or other glosses to bring a new depth and dimension to my lips. It's perfect for changing up the look of any lip product! And it has a doe foot applicator.

613 10 Carats for Bunny -- A gorgeous warm pinky-brown with microglitter. I normally don't do browns, but this has enough pink to it to make it flattering on any skin tone. The color is rich, but easily customizable: use a thin layer for a more sheer color, build it up for more intensity. I can't wait to use this during fall! It will be so pretty! This one has a brush applicator.

I am absolutely in love with these glosses! There's not one thing I dislike about them. Well, I take that back. I prefer a doe foot applicator to a brush, but it's not a huge deal and the gloss is so amazing that I don't even care. Wet N Wild truly outdid themselves with the Diamond Brilliance line. The pigmentation is amazing and the quality rivals much more expensive products. I'm going to be honest and admit that I'll be buying the other 5 colors that I don't have. I need to have them! So instead of continuing to rave about how fantastic these glosses are, I'm just going to tell you what you already know: 5 out of 5 stars!

From L-R: 943 Reckless, 948 Fired Up
I also received 2 of the 8 Speed Glosses. The other shades include everything from a sheer red to hot pink and a deep purple-toned berry. These retail for $3.99 and are available wherever Wet N Wild is sold. Speed Glosses are an "energizing lip shine" that contain "energy-boosting ingredients for a fusion of intense color and shine, with a kick!"

Now I can't say that the glosses make me feel more energetic, but I can say that they have a very pleasant minty scent that is noticeable from a distance. The first time I used Reckless, Chris asked me if I was chewing mint flavored gum. These glosses are packed with ingredients like: Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng, Guarana, Acai, Vitamin E and Peppermint. The combination will make the gloss start to tingle on your lips, so if you're not a fan of that.. you've been warned!

I really like the design of the applicators because they're unique and look cool. However, I find that the product is a little difficult to squirt out. You need to use firm, constant pressure to avoid having it disappear back into the tube. These glosses are both tacky, but not sticky. And they don't dry my lips out, either. I can get about 4 hours of wear out of these before I need to reapply. Finally, let me tell you that I didn't blend out the swatches so that you could see how buildable the color is, especially for Fired Up. Now onto the individual reviews:

943 Reckless -- Reckless is another soft pink/almost clear gloss, and is essentially just densely packed glitter in a clear base. However, I think this one leans more toward being duochrome than iridescent. If you hold the tube in the light, it flashes either pink or gold depending on the angle. This is also another great layering gloss. I've used this over everything from glosses and lipsticks to lip stains and even just a lip liner and it looks amazing every time.

948 Fired Up -- Fired Up ranges from berry to a warm, coppery red depending on how much you build it up. It has a really nice subtle shimmer in it that gives you a lot of shine without having visible flecks of glitter on your lips. If you want to build the intensity of this one, I suggest squeezing the product onto a lip brush and doing it that way because it can get a little out of control with the applicator.

I like the gimmick of the energizing gloss, but I like the peppermint scent and tingle more. Anything that's minty and tingles is A-OK in my book. I'm interested in a couple of other colors from this line, but at $3.99 I wish they had a bit more gloss in them to justify the price. I think the other price points have spoiled me! Still, the quality of the gloss and pigmentation are excellent. I give these 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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Well, I hope you've enjoyed reading the first part of Wet N Wild lip gloss reviews! I'll have the second part up tomorrow. Have you tried any of these glosses? Let me know what you think of them!

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  1. I'd like the mint, I need some energy!