Wednesday, August 17, 2011

REVIEW -- E.L.F. Golden Bronzer

Hey everyone! Today I have a review of elf's Golden Bronzer for you. If you may remember, I decided to try their Sunkissed Bronzer back in April and I liked it so I decided to "upgrade" and give the studio line bronzer a try. Here's what I think of it...

Golden Bronzer is one of the elf products that's available at Target. It has four shimmery colors: tan, beige, rose and taupe. Like the other studio products, it retails for $3 and comes in a sleek black case with a mirror. And yes, in case you're wondering: the packaging is very similar to NARS' blush and bronzer packaging. However, NARS' pans are deeper and you get more product compared to elf. And, best of all, elf doesn't test on animals!

The packaging says:
Create a healthy looking glow with this shimmering bronzer. The sheer soft powders provide an illuminating shimmer. These colors are ideal for summer or year-round.
DIRECTIONS: Blend all 4 colors together to create a shimmering glow. Dust onto cheekbones, cheeks, and slightly around the edges of the face for a healthy glow look. 
And here are swatches of the colors. They have been swatched without primer in the order they appear in the palette.

I'm using the same angled fluffy brush that I used to apply the Sunkissed Bronzer. What I didn't like about that bronzer was that it had a lot of fallout and the color could be a little intense sometimes, leaving me to try to blend it out.

However, the Golden Bronzer is much better about having excess fallout. Granted, I don't swirl my brush around the pan. Instead, I tap it in random places to get a good variation of color and then swipe it on the hollows of my cheeks. 

I like that the Golden Bronzer really does give a "healthy glow" due to the shimmer, but it doesn't add any color for contouring purposes. As you can see in the swatch I posted above, the colors are very light. I find that I'm still reaching for my original Sunkissed Bronzer to contour my cheeks and then using the Golden Bronzer to blend up into my temples.

While I prefer the Golden Bronzer to the Sunkissed one, I'm not thrilled about the lack of color payoff for contouring. I might try ordering the bronzer quad in another color from elf's website and see if I can get a bronzer that I fully love. However, I do like the sleek packaging, price point and the fact that elf doesn't test on animals. Overall, I give the Golden Bronzer a 4 out of 5.
RATING 4.0 out of 5 STARS

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I think I may have asked you this when I reviewed the other elf bronzer, but do you have a favorite that you'd like to share with me? I'm still looking for my "holy grail" product!

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  1. You should try the warm bronzer from the studio line it has all the shimmer and glow from this one but way more color to it. 

  2. I've tried it! It's great for the summer when I have a tan, but not while I'm pale! Great tip, though! ♥