Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mandy's Makeup Tips! -- Part 2

Alright, beauties! Today I'm back with the conclusion to my makeup secrets! These will be focused on eyes and lips. Hope you enjoy!

  • While smokey eyes are certainly all the rage, not all shades look best on everyone. Fair skinned beauties should opt for more natural shades to avoid becoming washed out (like browns or lilacs) while medium and darker complexions can pull off deeper colors (such as navy and darker greys).
  • Additionally, instead of a smokey eye, you could opt for a nude or gold eyeshadow which is flattering on everyone! To complete the look, fair complexions should opt for grey or brown eyeshadows instead of black.
  • To get perfectly lined lids whether you're using pencil, gel or liquid eyeliner.. remember to use short strokes instead of trying to draw one long line. Alternatively, you can place little 'anchor' dots or dashes along your lash line and then simply play Connect-the-Dots!
  • Filling in your brows is a necessity, but sometimes pencils can look too harsh. I prefer to use an eyeshadow because I feel it gives the most natural look. Beauties with light hair should fill in their brows 2 shades darker than their hair color, and dark haired beauties can go 2 shades lighter. Remember to set your brows with a clear gloss so that every hair stays in place.
  • My secret for getting "falsie" worthy lashes without ever having to apply a pair is to use 2 different types of mascara. (Sometimes I even use 3, depending on how much emphasis I want on my lashes!) First, use a lengthening mascara, which has bristles that are closer together and will be better at gripping the lashes and applying the product from base to tip. Then take a thickening or volumizing mascara which has denser bristles that will help build up volume. Two coats of each product will have your lashes noticed in no time.
  • Did you know that you can fake fuller lips without injections or plumping glosses? It's true! Take a nude lip liner that matches your natural lip color and draw a line right outside your natural lip line. Then take a lip brush and use it to slightly smudge the line back in to your natural lip line and color in your lips like normal. Apply a pale pink lipstick gloss that's just lighter than your natural skin tone.
  • Another tip to get fuller lips is to dab clear gloss in the center of your bottom lip. The shine will make your lips seem more plump.
  • Lastly, to make your lip color have extra staying power, apply lipstick with a lip brush, dab it with a tissue and apply a layer of translucent powder. Repeat this once or twice and you'll have color that will last all day!
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Well, I hope you've enjoyed these tips and tricks! There are definitely more than this, but I figured these were the absolute basics.. let me know if you'd like to see more!

♥ M

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  1. Thanks for the tips lady! I totally agree with the nude lipliner one....PLUS, use a nude lipliner when you wear a bright lipstick too. It holds the color in place without looking as if you've gone over board...