Friday, August 26, 2011

FRIDAY FAVORITES -- Lauren Conrad's Braid

Happy Friday, everyone! Today's Friday Favorite is a hair tutorial that's so simple.. even I can do it! It's Lauren Conrad's famous side braid. Now, I'll be honest and say that I never watched The OC or Laguna Beach or The Hills.. or.. whatever shows she was on.. but I do think she's pretty and I do like the braid.

I was inspired to give this a try since I'm letting my bangs grow out and they're at that horribly awkward stage where the longest part is past my chin and the shortest part ends around my mouth.. they're MUCH too long to pass off as "bangs" anymore and instead resemble a section of my hair that a drunken toddler attacked with scissors. Once I realized that, I started looking up ideas to disguise them until they've completely grown out and I came across Blair Fowler's (JuicyStar07) tutorial for this braid.

See?! Look how easy that is! I love it. Also.. I love watching baby Blair! She's changed SO much and I kind of miss how she was when she was back home in Tennessee.. but enough reminiscing.. I'm sure you're interested to see how well I pull off the look! Here it is:

Even if you're not a LC fan, this braid is super boho and adorable for tons of different occasions and looks! Give it a try!

- - - - - * - - - - -

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

♥ M