Friday, August 12, 2011


Happy Friday, everyone! Go ahead and laugh all you want.. I am a completely unashamed Hanson FanGirl. Ahh, remember when was it.. like.. 1997? 'Mmmbop' and the long-haired kids from Tulsa were everywhere. I had the t-shirts, posters, books, movies, CDs, cassette tapes.. If it was Hanson, trust me: I had it. Anyways.. 11 years and a total of 8 studio albums later, the brothers have chopped off the long locks, found themselves wives and have children of their own.

Awww, baby Ike, Tay & Zac. Bahahaha!
And still.. Hanson is amazing. And one of the things that makes them stand out even more is their philanthropy and activism to help improve the world through small actions. 

Last year Hanson played on the Bamboozle Six Flags Summer Concert Tour and they came through Atlanta 2 days after my birthday so Chris got us tickets. Not only was it an amazing concert, but we got to meet them and I got an autographed t-shirt. Y'all. I nearly died I was so happy! SERIOUSLY the best birthday present everrrrrrrrrrr. ...You're totally judging me right now, aren't you? Haha. :)

Anyways, I just found out that they are coming back to Atlanta near the end of October and I will absolutely die if we don't go. They came last October, but I couldn't go because we were in tech rehearsals for the fall dance concert at school and I was so bummed.

Fun fact: Our precious little Penny was partially named after the song 'Penny & Me' off of Hanson's "Underneath" album. I've always loved that song and it just happens that Penny has red/copper fur.. So that's how she got her name. Plus it just suited her. And.. while we're at it, let's throw in a silly picture of Miss Pen for good measure:

Camera sniff, anyone? :)
And finally.. in case you're curious to see what the boys sound like now, I leave you with 2 singles from their latest album, Shout It Out...



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Hope everyone has a great weekend! I'm not sure if I'll be posting over the next couple days because Chris' End of Season Frisbee Tournament is all day Saturday and Sunday and he wants me to go.. even though I kinda had my fill at Mid-Season. His team this year just isn't super friendly and welcoming like his other teams have been.. so it kind of sucks to sit there and have no one talk to you or even act like you exist. Plus it's still miserably hot. But.. I'm going anyways. *twirls a finger* Yaaaaaayyy..

Haha, sorry that was so grumpy and whiny. But it's the truth. I'm so not looking forward to it.

♥ M


  1. OMG!!!! I was a Hanson freak!!!! I was the same way if they were on it i had to have it! It's kinda funny the first time i saw the video for "mmm-bop" i thought Taylor was a girl. I later realized he was a guy and then he became my favorite haha.

  2. Hahaha, yeaaaaa... the first time I heard them on the radio I thought they were girls. Zac was always my favorite but after meeting them in person.. I have to honestly say that Taylor Hanson is the most strikingly gorgeous man I've ever met. Like.. He.. just.. I.. Wow.

  3. met them?!!! oh god..JEALOUS! Back then if i would have met them i probably would have jumped Taylor LOL! i would kiss his picture every night before bed haha. I have a few pathetic stories about my Hanson obsession.

  4. I love love love Hanson! I pulled out my Hanson Christmas album during the holidays and my family was like "Seriously!?!?!" but I totally rocked it haha I'm super jealous you got to meet them-I used to have the *biggest* crush on Zach (but what 13 year old girl didn't when they were big? lol)

  5. How come you didin't post your pictures of you and Hanson?

  6. @Heather -- Yup! I met them! And it was SO amazing. Chris was actually so adorable and talked to them more than I did! It's a SUPER cute story, haha! Growing up, Zac was totally my favorite but after meeting them I think I FINALLY joined Team Tay! ♥

    @AmandaDF -- YES! I LOOOOOVE Snowed In! Every Christmas when I was teaching dance, I'd use songs off of it and try to explain to a bunch of 8 year old girls who Hanson is. My general explanation was "They were like the JoBros when I was your age.." *sigh* ♥

    @Anon -- I thought about it, but I look SO awful in them, lol.. We'd been outside all day and riding roller coasters. I was looking pretty rough. ♥