Monday, July 25, 2011

REVIEW -- Wet N Wild Color Icon 6 Pan Eyeshadows

Today's review is going to be a fun one! I'm sharing four Wet N Wild Color Icon 6 Pan Eyeshadows with you. And since I've been a horrible beauty blogger and not given you swatches of the other makeup products I've reviewed (I know, I know. Shame on me. I'm sorry!) I'm going to make a point of swatching every makeup product I review from now on.. so you can see everything in action!

Originally, I wanted to make this review a cross-over review with my YouTube channel, so the actual product review would be in video form. Unfortunately, I've tried to film over 8 times and each one has been a complete failure in one way or another.. so I'm officially throwing in the towel on the video at the moment.

But now, on to the review!

Wet N Wild Color Icon 6 Pans retail for $4.99 and can be found at CVS, Rite Aid, and other WnW retailers. Each palette contains 3 matte eyeshadows on the left and 3 shimmer or glitter shadows on the right so that you can create versatile looks. I received all four 6 pans for review. They are: GreedPrideLust and Vanity.

All of the shadows are swatched for you below in the same order they are in the palette. No primer has been used. Also, I know that some of the shades don't show up extremely well.. I assure you it's because I'm tan and they just blend in with my skin tone, not because the shadows aren't pigmented!

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The first thing I noticed about the Color Icon palettes is that, like I said before, each palette has 3 matte eye shadows. It's so rare to find matte shadows in drugstore products.. so I was especially eager to try them out, even though I'm not a big fan of mattes. The second thing I noticed was the color variety of the palettes. WnW has covered all of your necessities: 2 neutral palettes and 2 colored ones. On the neutral side, you have a cooler smokey eye palette (Greed) and a warm bronze palette (Vanity). For colored options, you have a cool palette (Pride) and a warm smokey palette (Lust).

Once I opened the palettes, I encountered another surprise: each palette comes with a sponge tip applicator and a little mini eyeshadow brush. I thought that was adorable! I've never seen a drugstore palette come with a brush before, so it was a pleasant surprise. I took my initial pictures and then I started swatching.

By now, I'm sure that you all know how much I love WnW nail polish.. but would you be surprised to know that I've never tried their eyeshadows? These are my first! As I was swatching, I was amazed at how soft, smooth and highly pigmented the shadows are. Again, I want to remind you that the pictures above are swatched without any primer! And it took virtually no effort to build up the color intensities in the those pictures.

Now that I've spent the past 11 days playing with the palettes, I'm ready to give you my detailed opinion on each one. The eyeshadow base I use NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cottage Cheese, which is a white shimmer. I find the white really brings out the pigmentation of the shadows and also adds a nice subtle sheen to the mattes.

GREED -- I'm not sure I completely understand the color selection of this palette, but I love all of the colors! The only thing that would make this better is if it had a true shimmer highlight color because I find myself having to reach for another palette. But I don't think I'd be willing to give up the shimmer lavender to get a highlight color because it looks amazing as a crease color when using the peach colors on the lid.

PRIDE -- Honestly, this is the palette that I will probably use the least. It's not that I dislike it; I'm just not a huge fan of wearing blue or green eyeshadows. I've tried, but I just don't feel like I can pull them off.. especially because I have blue eyes. But I've played with this 3 times so far, and the last time I ended up with a look that Chris really liked. His exact response was "Ooooh, you look like a mermaid! So pretty!" So.. who knows? I might end up using this more frequently than I suspect! My only complaint on this one is that the top right shimmer is the hardest color to use. It's almost like there's no "base" color for the shimmer.. It's just a shimmery pressed powder. This was the only palette I had an actual "problem" with any of the shadows.

LUST -- This is by far my favorite palette out of the collection. In fact, it was my Friday Favorite last week! The shadows are great, and I love how I can layer the palette with another one that I already have to increase its versatility. Lust also has my favorite highlight color out of all the palettes. The top right shimmer is so fantastic I can't even begin to describe it in a way that would do it justice. Even if I don't use the palette, I've been reaching for it solely to use the highlight.

VANITY -- Vanity is my second favorite palette. What can I say?! I love a good neutral bronze look! This is the palette I find myself reaching for the most besides Lust. In fact, it's even replaced my other Holy Grail neutral palette, L.A. Colors' Cafe Au Lait. This is perfect to wear for meetings or a job interview (Which I will hopefully be having soon! Cross your fingers for me! ♥) or for a summer evening out. It gives my blue eyes such a radiant glow, especially when paired with a little bit of bronzer.

The versatility of these palettes is great. You can choose matte looks, shimmery looks, or a combination of both. The blendability of the shadows is superb, and I like that they have minimal to no fallout. As I've said, they are extremely pigmented, and you can even layer the shimmers over the mattes to deepen the intensity of the colors if you desire.

I have been using the bottom two shadows of each palette to tightline my bottom lashes, and it creates such a gorgeous look and helps to tie everything together.

As I said, my only "problem" with any of the palettes was the top right shadow in Pride because it has no depth to the color and is instead almost straight shimmer. However, as I've been typing this, I got the idea to try using it as a topper over some of the matte eyeshadows to add some extra sparkle to them. I'll definitely try that over the next few days and let you know how that works out!

However, at the moment, because of that one shadow.. I can't justify giving these palettes a perfect score.. even though I soooo want to. But I'm pleased to share that I have found a CVS in my area that carries these Color Icon palettes and they will definitely be something that I purchase again! (And again!)


4.95 out of 5 stars
- - - - - * - - - - -

If you would like more information about these or any other Wet N Wild products, you can visit their website. And I would like to thank them for providing these palettes for me to review. I can't believe it's taken me this long to try their eyeshadows!

So what do you about Wet N Wild? As always, I love to hear your thoughts! 

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  1. I love these palettes! I have all of them except for Pride. The pigmentation of these is great. Plus, these are really affordable. You can't go wrong!

  2. Great post lady!!! Love that you included swatches too. Lust is by far my fave as well and I have to say that I am pretty stoked about the quality.


  3. Thank you, dolls! Yes, these palettes are so fab. I just picked up one of the Color Icon trios because I loved the 6 pans so much! ♥

  4. These are so so so great and I use them almost everyday. Truly amazing, and especially the price. I think I would even pay MORE for these bad boys.

    And thank you so much for the lovely and super sweet comments on my blog! I am so flattered and grateful. Your recreation of my blog inspired look is flawless and you totally rock it! I love your blog as well and I am now a follower! <3