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REVIEW -- Sally Hansen Vita Surge Cuticle Gel

After reviewing elf's Nourishing Cuticle Pen, I decided to search for something else that would repair my cuticles. Naturally, I turned to Sally Hansen because it's one of the most trusted drugstore brands for nail care products. I was torn between the Vita Surge Cuticle Gel and the Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oil. Both were the same price, but I was eventually won over by the gimmick of the orange gel and my thought that it would absorb faster than the oil.

So how did it hold up? Read on to find out!

I had saved my package so that I would have all of the product info to share with you. Unfortunately, I went on a cleaning rampage over the weekend and I'm 98.7% positive that I accidentally threw it out. Oops. So I'm having to go with what I can find online.. Sorry!

Vita Surge is available wherever Sally Hansen nail products are sold and retails for an average of $6.99. I snagged my bottle from CVS. The bottle contains an orange gel with dark orange beads that dissolve when you rub the product in. The cap contains a wide, doe-foot sponge tip applicator.

Here's the product info I found online:
Instantly condition and smooth cuticles! A fast-absorbing gel formula that nourishes dry, ragged cuticles. Leaves no color. Multi-active bead infused formula instantly releases a surge of nourishing Vitamin E and Botanical Extracts to condition and hydrate cuticles. Restores dry cuticles so they look and feel smooth and healthy. 
APPLICATION TIPS: Shake gently. Apply daily over bare nails or dry nail color. Massage in with applicator or finger. Reapply as needed. 
Last Thursday I got my nails filled. I had a new nail tech that I didn't care for... She spent more time buffing and sanding my cuticles than she did my actual nails, plus she only half-filled my acrylics and left the tips of my nails impossibly thin. After complaining to the salon manager (who is also my normal tech), he offered to fix my nails for me. But somehow he thought I said I wanted my nails thinner instead of thicker, so he continued to sand and file my nails down even more. By the time I corrected him and he fixed my nails appropriately, my cuticles had been buffed, filed and sanded three separate times in the span of an hour and the skin was red and literally worn off in some places. My poor cuticles were raw, red and screaming in pain. I immediately ran to the nearest drugstore and started looking for relief.

Like I said, I was thinking that the gel would absorb quickly and would be less messy than the Vitamin E Cuticle Oil. And I'm not going to lie.. I was intrigued by the beads in the gel and the promise that it dries clear.

I didn't pay much attention to the applicator in the store. I assumed it would be a normal polish brush. Instead, I pulled out a very wide doe-tip sponge applicator. It applies a decent amount of product and I can apply gel to several fingers before needing to reach for the bottle again. The gel has a very light sort-of-orange-ish smell and the beads dissolve as soon as you start rubbing the gel into your fingers.

However, the gel does not absorb instantly. I feel like I spend forever rubbing it into my cuticles. It also doesn't absorb completely or dry clear. It leaves a sticky, orange-tinted film behind. And I assure you the film is tinted. I was wearing white nail polish and it turned a disgusting pale orange color. I absolutely can't deal with anything sticky on my hands, so I had to wash my hands not long after applying the gel to remove the residue. I had to eventually suck it up and have applied the gel twice a day (once right after getting out of the shower and once before bed) to help my cuticles.

Even though I don't like the gel itself, I can say that it has legitimately helped repair my mutilated cuticles. My shredded skin has repaired itself and is now smooth and hydrated, so it is something I would recommend to a friend. I'm just not in love with the product itself. For me, the sticky residue of the gel is more of a turn-off than the lingering orange color. Therefore, I won't be buying it again for my own use... for that reason, I'm going to give it a 3.5 out of 5. Vita Surge definitely outperforms elf's Cuticle Pen (which scored a 3 out of 5), but I can't justify giving it a significantly higher score because I don't truly love it.

RATING 3.5 out of 5 STARS

Have you tried Vita Surge and had a better experience than I have? Or do you have a favorite cuticle cream that you think I should try? Let me know!

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