Saturday, July 16, 2011


EDIT: Yes, I know it's no longer Friday. I had written this post yesterday and somehow it didn't get posted (?) even though I swear I hit the 'Publish Post' button. I'm not waiting another week to post this, so it's going up on Saturday. My apologies!

*sigh* It all ends. Today. And no, this time we're not talking about The Rapture... we're talking about a decade of wizardry and magic. A decade of imagination. An end of an era.

Okay, enough sap, right? But.. really. How much more poignant can it get than "The boy who lived... come to die." Oh. My. Gosh. That right there is enough to make me sob!

My parents got me the first 4 Harry Potter books for Christmas my sophomore year in high school. Yes, I entered the wizarding world much later than all of my friends. But once I started reading, I couldn't put it down. And my love affair continued with the movies and the subsequent books as they came out. In fact, Chris actually bought me the last 2 books, even though he knew that meant he wouldn't see or hear from me until I'd finished them. :)

Despite Chris and I not being big moviegoers, we agreed that we had to see HP 7.2 in theatres the day it came out. We went right after Chris got off of work this morning, and.. the movie is perfection. Absolutely perfection. Although I admit that part of me almost didn't want to see it because that means... it's over.

But I knew I couldn't not see it, so of course we went. I was tense in my seat for almost the entire movie, and naturally I bawled like I knew I would. (Bring tissues when you see it. Seriously.) 

And now it's over and I'm a little depressed. I keep hoping that J.K. Rowling will start a series about all of the new kids (James, Albus, Lily, etc) and their adventures at Hogwarts, but I know it probably won't happen.

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  1. The movie was sooooo good! I definitely cried like a baby through the last hour and a half haha