Saturday, July 30, 2011

BIRCHBOX -- July 2011

Hey everyone! So I wanted to share what was in my July BirchBox with you.. along with some cool new information that I've learned about the BirchBox website and program!

Here's what was in my box this month:

And now for the new info:
  • When you sign up with the site, you complete a member profile where it asks you about your skin and hair type, your skin tone, your preferences on products and more.. all so that they can custom tailor each box to suit your needs best. And you can update your profile at any time! So you'll never have to worry about getting a foundation that's 7 shades too dark that you won't be able to use!
  • You can buy full-size products of the items you receive in your box directly from the site! No trying to track down some obscure place to find a product you love.. they have it right there for you along with products from past boxes and other awesome stuff!
  • There are TONS of ways to earn BirchBox points that are used for merchandise credit on the site! Remember that every 100 points gets you a $10 credit to buy products!
    • You get 10 points automatically every month that you're subscribed.
    • Every month you can fill out a quick response survey on every product they sent you and earn 10 points per survey! My 4 surveys took me under 5 minutes total to complete.
    • Refer your friends! For every friend that signs up for BirchBox through you, you earn 50 points.
    • And lastly.. you earn 1 point for every $1 spent on full-sized products in their online store, so it's really like getting money back every time you shop!

I'm so obsessed with BirchBox, it's ridiculous! I'm already anxiously awaiting my August box! I'll be sure to let y'all know what I get as soon as it comes!

♥ M

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  1. Just found your site - you're just fabulous! I did have to LOL thought about your comment on getting a foundation that's too dark. I registered and then double-checked my profile when I siggned up for my Birch box.... I got a mineral powder/foundatin in the darkest shade available.... oh well, chalk it up to experience and put it in my kit hoping I can use it on a client one day, right?