Sunday, July 10, 2011

2011 Mid-Season Tourney

So I thought it only fair that I gave a post about how the tournament went. It was.. eventful, as always. I feel like every year either the MST (Mid-Season Tourney) or EOST (End of Season Tourney) gets rained out. Last year it was the EOST. This year it was the MST.

Games started at 9 on Saturday and we were out there with our awesome tent, and our cooler of goodies.. and I had my magazines.. Everything was great. Then it sprinkled a little while the sun was still out. Chris' team lost. Final score was 15-10. Our team, Morgan Freeman's Voice (named because there's "nothing more powerful"), had a 2nd round by so we had about an hour and a half to kill before the next game. As soon as we moved all of our tents and possessions for the next game, it started thundering. The game started and I don't even think we got 2 points in before the horn was blasted for a rain delay.

We didn't have time to get the tent broken down, or grab all 3 of our chairs and the cooler because we could literally see the rain approaching (and it was coming fast).. so we staked the tent and grabbed the important stuff (camera, phones, Chris' frisbee bag) and left everything else on the field. No sooner did we get in the car (about 5 minutes after the horn had sounded) than the downpour started.

Seriously.. talk about a rain delay, right? Oh yeah, fun fact: our friends Kyle and Chris are sitting in car right in front of us that you can barely see. It was CRAZY and we felt like we were in a car wash. After about 20 minutes, the rain finally stopped and Chris got out of the car to see what the plans were.

The fields were in shambles. Tents (including ours) had come un-staked and been blown around the fields. Coolers (also including ours) were strewn everywhere. The tents that managed to stay upright had had people taking "shelter" in them who held them down against the wind. Needless to say, those people were soaked.

Our tent got broken from it's trip across the fields. We lost 2 of the 4 stakes for it, but Chris was thinking he would be able to repair it. However, it's looking like it's pretty much ruined at this point, which really sucks. We loved that tent. Chris' mom bought it for us for last season's End of Season Tourney and this was only the second time that we had gotten to use it.

Our chairs and everything in them were soaked. And the fields had basically turned into huge puddles.

The puppies were having LOTS of fun splashing in puddles!
Because these are nice fields, the park closed them for 2 hours to give them time to dry off. However, even after the games could resume, players couldn't wear cleats. Several of the players on Chris' team have legit injuries that they didn't want to take chances with (blown out knees, torn ligaments, etc), so they decided to head home instead of sticking around. Unfortunately, that meant there wouldn't be enough players to fill the team for the last 2 games so they had to forfeit.. both of them. How lame.

I didn't make it out to the fields today. I'd kind of had enough after yesterday, and I woke up with a migraine. However, they won all three of their games! Unfortunately since they lost/forfeited all 3 games yesterday... that put them as the winners of the D Bracket. So.. they're the best of the losers. :\ But at least they still have half of the season to improve their standings!

Poor Hubby.. even with applying sunscreen, he is so burnt. He was pouring sweat, so it didn't matter how often he reapplied it.. it just wouldn't stay on. And I know he's really sore. We didn't manage to get a good picture of us this time, so I'll leave you with a pic from last year's EOST. His team was the BFFs.. and I had a shirt made with the team logo. And yes, the logo is 2 guys holding hands in a heart. :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

♥ M

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