Thursday, June 30, 2011

REVIEW -- E.L.F. Brush Shampoo

So this review comes to you compliments of my bestie. As we were perusing the beauty aisles at Target, we happened upon the e.l.f. section. And as I was debating as to whether I really need that 2nd e.l.f.  contour shadow brush and the $3 quad bronzer.. she happened to pick up a bottle of the brush shampoo and tell me how much she loves it. Since I was planning on cleaning my brushes within the next day anyways, I decided to go ahead and pick it up.

Normally, when I deep clean my brushes, I use the olive oil method but it's SO time consuming. You basically end up washing your brushes twice.. and when you have at least 18 brushes that you actively use, like I do, the thought of double cleaning them is enough to make your head hurt.


e.l.f.'s brush shampoo shouldn't be confused with their daily brush cleaner. The cleaner comes in a spray bottle and is meant to be used as a quick clean in between changing makeup colors. The shampoo (what I bought) is meant to deep clean your brushes on a weekly/bi-weekly basis.

The shampoo comes in a 4.1 fl oz bottle, is available in Target stores and online, and retails for $3. It is a clear shampoo with a scent that is so light, I'd say it can pass as being virtually unscented.

The packaging says:
An anti-bacterial brush cleanser for thorough cleaning in-between makeup applications. Disinfects brushes to provide a fresh and clean application every time. Washes away all traces of dirt, makeup, oil and debris from your brush, while conditioning the hair to provide a clean and soft application for every use.
DIRECTIONS: Cleanse brush regularly by massaging a small amount of the shampoo with water and working it through the bristles from the base of the brush outward. Rinse thoroughly and gently squeeze out excess water. Reshape the bristles and lay flat on a clean cloth to fully dry before next use.

I quickly learned that you only need the tiniest drop of brush soap to get a great, lathery foam. I could clearly see the colors of my makeup coming out of the brush on my hand, and the soap rinsed away easily. My brush cleaning time was cut in half because I didn't have to wash each brush twice, and I didn't feel like I need to. Well, except with my foundation brush, but that thing was just plain filthy. And I really could have gotten away with washing it once. It was clean. I know it was. But I just felt like I needed to wash it twice, so I did.

And, lastly.. even after cleaning all 18 brushes (19 if you count the foundation brush twice), I haven't even made a dent in my bottle. It still looks absolutely brand new!

Now, I know for beauties that are devoted to their MAC brush cleaner, it might be sacrilegious to even think of switching brands, but I definitely suggest giving e.l.f. a try. Even if you use this in-between your MAC cleanings, it would still be worth it.

I love that the shampoo is anti-bacterial, and that this bottle will last me foreverrrr. I also love that I no longer have to double wash my brushes, and that they feel as conditioned as when I was using the olive oil.

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Do you have a favorite brush cleaner? If so, let me know!

♥ M

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