Sunday, June 26, 2011

NOTD (x2!) -- Hot Pink Nails w/ Holo Accent and Rhinestone Bow / CG 'Always a Bridesmaid'

Okay, so if the holo nail with the rhinestone bow looks familiar, it is! It was in my last NOTD post and I just decided to switch up the other 9 nails and leave that one as a fun accent. Let's break down what we have here:

Sinful Colors -- Cream Pink (base color)
Sinful Colors -- Pinky Glitter (glitter)
OPI -- DS Coronation (holo polish / accent nail)
Light pink 1mm rhinestones (bow)
Hot pink 2mm rhinestone (center of bow)
LA Colors Topcoat

I have to say.. I'm extremely impressed with the LA Colors top coat. I got it at the Dollar Tree and didn't expect much from it, but it kept the rhinestones on for 11 days with only one coat and no touch ups. I was astounded! AND my nail tech still had to actually pry the rhinestones off of my nails today. So.. If you find yourself in a Dollar Tree and needing a good, cheap top coat for nail art.. definitely give it a try!

Okay, so that was a fun mani for sure.. But it got to be a bit much after 8 days. So I went to get a fill today and decided to go with my new favorite, China Glaze's 'Always a Bridesmaid'. 

I've listed this in my Polishes of Summer and I think I love it so much because getting a fill is like getting a new set of nails for me. They're strong and durable again, and I'm just so excited by them! I know, it's totally weird. Anyways, 'Always a Bridesmaid' is like the perfect polish to "cleanse the palette" (so to speak) and give me a couple days of neutral nail bliss so that I can plan what fun polish I want to try next!

Before I found the Sinful Colors dupes for OPI's POTC Collection, I had my heart set on doing 'The Wonder Yellows' from Wet n Wild. But... now I really want to try out some of these dupes! Oh well, I guess we'll see where my head is at in a few days!

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