Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My "MUST HAVE" Summer Makeup Products

Alright, beauties. I had to challenge myself to come up with a topic for you that was not related to nail polish. Even though several of you told me you didn't mind the constant polish posts, I still felt the need to switch it up juuussst a little bit. Trust me, the polish will be back in full force soon! :)

So here's what I came up with for you: Summer makeup "must-haves"! Since it is now officially summer.. and, as I've told you, temperatures are miserable down here in Georgia.. I was thinking about how well my "go-to" year-round products actually work for our summer weather. Here's what I use to keep my makeup looking great all day (even in upper 90 degree heat!):

I am seriously in love with this little bottle of awesomeness. Granted, it won't be everyone's Holy Grail product, but if you don't mind silicone primers then I think you should give this little product a try! I put Hard Candy's Skin Perfecting Primer on before I apply any makeup to my face and it really helps keep my makeup from sliding around and my face from getting oily throughout the day. You can read my full product review here.

I have been a loyal devotee to Aqua Smoothers since I was in high school. So, for those of us that are counting (which is hopefully no one!) that is going on a decade now. Eek! ..Anyways, I love that Aqua Smoothers has an SPF of 15 and that it provides a nice amount of coverage while still managing to look flawless and make you feel like you're not wearing anything on your face. 

I have previously debated the pros and cons of pressed and loose powder, but I do love both kinds. For my day to day makeup, though, I always choose loose powder. I believe I discovered NYC's loose powder right after I started college and I fell in love with it immediately. For a product that retails under $3, it is seriously the best powder for the money. My shade is 742A and it has just enough color to where I can use it year round and not look too orange with a tan, or too dark in the winter. It does come with the little pink sponge, but I always throw that out and just use a powder brush. I love that this product can keep my face matte pretty much all day, even in extreme heat and humidity!

Another product I've previously reviewed is ELF's bronzer. This was one of the $1 varieties, although they do have deluxe bronzers and bronzer/blush combos that retail for $3 as well. Besides being a little powdery, this bronzer is amazing at blending seamlessly into my face. I've always been scared of getting the "Snooki" look but this is definitely a bronzer for people who are scared of bronzers! And nothing beats having a little extra glow for summer! 

I've been a loyal NYX eye shadow base user for a long time, but I've recently fallen in love with their jumbo eye pencils as well. My current favorite is Cottage Cheese (even though I despise the name!) because it has a slight shimmer to it and not only prolongs the life of your shadow and improves the vibrancy of it, but it makes everything shimmer! And I love shimmer! However, I understand that not everyone loves it as much as I do, so the color Milk is a matte white, if that's more your style.

And now for the last product that I have previously reviewed. I love this eyeliner because once it sets, it sets. And it doesn't move.. even from your waterline. Plus it's one of the richest blacks I've seen from a crayon eyeliner. Since I bought this eyeliner, it has been the only one I've used and I don't think I'll ever look back. This eyeliner is great year round, but especially in summer because I can go swimming with it and do all sorts of other fun stuff and it doesn't move. I love having products that I can apply and then not have to think about again during the day!

This is one of my 3 mascaras that I use on a daily basis, but if I'm needing to use a waterproof mascara for swimming or whatever, I'm totally fine with using this one by itself. Lash Blast Fusion does a great job at lengthening AND separating my lashes. I think it's the awesome little purple wand. I'm not gonna lie. 

I know I've talked about Palladio Lip Stain in several videos, but I don't think I've ever blogged about them. This is one of my all-time favorite lip products, and the only lip stain I will use. My favorite color is 01/Pinky and it is the most natural looking, long-lasting, water-resistant stain I know of. And even though I love my lip liners, sometimes I just don't want to wear them during summer because they tend to move around.. especially when paired with lip gloss. Which is why I turn to my Lip Stain almost all the time if I want an extra boost of color under gloss.. or even just a care free stain to run out with on my lips.

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Well! Those are all my favorite products! It didn't feel like I had that many when I started, but I feel like I've been typing forever! Hope I didn't bore you too much.. haha. :D

I have a couple of other posts pretty much ready to go, I just need to take and edit pictures for them. And I know it's not that much work, but sometimes I'm just like "Blehhh... I don't wanna..!" So hopefully I can get motivated and get those posted!

I'm having coffee with my bestie tomorrow and we're probably going to go to Ulta (so she can supervise me and make sure I play nice with the associates, haha!) so I'm SUPER excited about that! Maybe I'll pick up some fun new things to play with! Who knows?!

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