Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy Anniversary to Us!

So today is our 2nd wedding anniversary, and Friday was our 6th anniversary together. Hubby and I decided to celebrate by going to Six Flags Over Georgia! And it was SO much fun! We love going first thing in the morning on weekdays because we're done with everything by 1:30pm (when it starts getting crowded) and we can go home early and beat (most of) the heat.

Six Flags just opened a new roller coaster called the Dare Devil Dive and we were so excited to ride it. It promises that you'll go "beyond vertical" at 52 mph.. And.. it's totally lame. Well, in the interest of fairness, the "beyond vertical" part is really lame. You can't even tell it. The rest of the ride isn't that bad, but I feel like it's been severely over-hyped. At least we only had to wait in line for 5 minutes to ride it.

We took the picture above while we were running up the stairs to get on the park's biggest coaster, Goliath. It's the only picture we took today, so I'm glad it turned out well!

Oh! And we got to see my friend Camia! She's performing in 2 of the shows at the park this summer, so that was really cool! I was so proud of her, she did a great job! We only saw 1 show today.. we have season passes, so we decided to save her second show for our next trip!

Right before we went home, Chris tried to win me a Hello Kitty stuffed animal from TWO different claw machines... but her head was too big, so she kept falling out right before he could get her to the drop chute. It was so frustrating! BUT I can't be too upset because he got me a dolphin from a claw machine Saturday night! He's really cute! And I named him Flipper... because I'm totally unoriginal. Haha!

We're about to switch up our Monday night pizza tradition for some homemade tacos instead and I can't wait! Tacos are so yummy! The rest of our night will probably be spent playing with the dogs and either watching 'Despicable Me' or playing Kinect Sports... or maybe both!

So since I'm officially done blogging for the day (3 entries is definitely enough!) I'm gonna leave you with 2 videos of 2 of my favorite Six Flags roller coasters! You even get front row "seats"!

This one is Goliath. It's SO massive and wraps almost halfway around the entire park! I think the first hill is at least 300 feet tall.. No exaggeration!

This is the Georgia Scorcher and it is the last stand up roller coaster ever built. It's amazing! OH! And you can see the first hill from Goliath at the beginning of the video! Look how huge it is!

♥ M


  1. Aw. congrats on the anniversary! Love the picture of the 2 of you..super cute. <3

  2. Thanks! The people behind us were like "KEEP MOVING!" ...and we literally only stopped moving to click the camera. So rude. Haha.

  3. Haha how rude of those people. Gorgeous pic though and congrats!! Sounded like fun :)