Saturday, June 11, 2011

GET THE LOOK (For Less!) -- Deborah Lippmann's 'Happy Birthday'

If any of you have lusted after Deborah Lippmann's infamous 'Happy Birthday' polish like I have... but can't bear to shell out $18 for polish (like I can't) then I have great news for you! I've found not one but TWO dupes for it!


'Pinata Yada Yada' is the best dupe for 'Happy Birthday' that I've seen. The only real difference is that 'Happy Birthday' has small square glitter and 'Pinata Yada Yada' has small hex glitter. Other than that, they're virtually identical because they have similar colors and big hex glitters. And I seriously doubt that any one is going to be staring at your nails so intently to figure out the shape of your small glitters!

'Pinata Yada Yada' is available at Ulta for $5.00, but they usually have sales going on with the Ulta cosmetics brand.


Wet N Wild outdid themselves with this polish. While it's not an exact dupe, it's amazingly close. The main differences are that 'Happy Birthday' has a much better glitter density, but that's nothing that 2 coats of 'Party of Five Glitters' can't remedy. Also, 'Party of Five Glitters' doesn't have gold glitter at all or small silver glitters. It only has the bigger silver glitters. 'Happy Birthday' has gold glitter and both sizes of silver glitters.

'Party of Five Glitters' is $1.99 and available wherever Wet N Wild cosmetics are sold. I've only found Wet N Wild in drugstores around me, but other people have access to it in various WalMarts as well.

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So there you go! Two ways to get the look of an $18 polish for $5 or less! I personally have both 'Pinata Yada Yada' and 'Party of Five Glitters' and I love them both. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

♥ M


  1. thank you!!!! you know im cheap. lol

  2. Girl, you know I am too! So glad I got to see your fabulous self the other night! I miss you! ♥

  3. Another good one is Milani Gems))