Friday, June 17, 2011

Confessions of a Beauty Junkie

Here's a question for you, my fellow beauty lovers: Have you ever found yourself in a store, holding an item in your precious little hands.. and you know that you absolutely do not need it.. but you find yourself buying it anyways? Sound familiar? It's a scenario I find myself in that's becoming all too familiar for my liking. But why do we do it?!

Normally, I'd like to think that I don't have a hoarding problem. I don't go to a store and think to myself that we need 18 mega packs of toilet paper, 9 packages of pens, 26 bags of chips or 37 bottles of mustard. Like, with every day stuff.. I'm good. And even with clothes, shoes and purses.. I may buy, but not in excess.

But.. show me a beauty sale and it's like my shopping switch gets flipped on. And not just on, it gets turned on turbo power. I'd even venture to say that it's gotten worse since I've started my blog and YT channel because I justify most things by saying "Oh, I can use it for a product review..!" as I'm shoving it into my shopping bag.

And granted, a lot of things I've been collecting for years.. but.. who really needs 132 bottles of nail polish? Or 10 palettes? Or almost 70 lip products?! NO ONE! But I have them. And that's really just a drop in the bucket.

Last weekend, I went to Bath & Body Works for the start of their Semi-Annual sale and walked out with $50 worth of bath stuff. Granted, I won't be buying body wash for the next year.. but did I really need 5 bottles of my beloved Lemon Vanilla shower gel? No. But the scent is being discontinued and they were discounted 75% off.. so of course I had to buy them.

And then my best friend and I were having coffee this week and decided to go to Victoria's Secret for their Semi-Annual sale and I ended up buying a $7 lipstick that was 75% off, among other things. I tried it and loved it, so I went back today and bought 4 more. I mean, it's $1.75 for $7 lipstick. How could I not?!

Anyways, while shopping, my bestie and I started talking about how seemingly normal people, e.g., us, will throw all caution to the wind if there's a beauty product we love that's even slightly at risk of being discontinued. For example, she has found an under eye brightener that she's in love with.. and my bestie has the distinct misfortune of having every product she loves discontinued. Horrible, right? Thus, she has started stockpiling her favorites. As we're walking past the display with her under eye brightener, she grabs one while telling me she's already got 4 brand new packages hidden away in addition to the one she's currently using..

And for the life of me, I can't figure out why we do it. It's almost like a compulsion. And it's something I really wish I could figure out. At least if I understood it, I feel like I could control it a little bit more. I mean, honestly.. I love having new things to play with as much as the next girl, but I have enough makeup to last me until I'm at least 40. But will that stop me from buying more? Absolutely not.

As I walked out of the mall with my 5 duplicate VS lipsticks and a fragrance that was 75% as well.. I stopped in Icing and saw a makeup palette that was clearanced to $5. And even though I just won Red Lip Gloss' palette contest and certainly don't need any more palettes... you know I bought it.. because it was just too good to pass up. ;)

♥ M

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