Friday, June 24, 2011

Awards?! For ME?!

I was awarded both the Stylish Blogger Award and the Versatile Blogger Award from my dear friend Christina over at Red Lip Gloss. I know I've talked to y'all about her before, but if you haven't already checked her out please do so! I love her blog so much.. her product reviews are great and I adore her DIY Beauty Fridays! Oh and she loves maxi dresses as much as I do! Yet another plus! Haha ;)

So here are the rules for the awards.. I'm supposed to tell you 7 random things about myself and then pass them on to other deserving bloggers. Easy enough, right?

1. If I could choose any career I want, I would totally be a NASCAR driver. No question in my mind, I think that would be the best job. EVER.

2. One of my ballet solos growing up was to a song called "Flight of the Swan" and my mom made me a beautiful white costume complete with a romantic-length tutu and feathers. It was gorgeous because my mom is an amazingly talented seamstress. But my solo was left out of the recital program so some sound guy announced my piece before it began in the recital. Except he said "Flight of the SNOWMAN" (?!) and the lights came up to me standing on the stage in tears. I was like 10 and I was mortified. I wasn't a dumb snowman, I was a swan! How could he have been so stupid?! ...The owner of the studio had to come out onstage and correct him and try to convince me to stop crying and dance. Haha... It was pretty awful.

3. I think mustard makes just about everything better. Regular Wavy Lays Chips and mustard is so yummy!

4. I absolutely looove dresses -- and maxi dresses in particular. It's so easy to look pulled together when all you have to do is throw on a super comfy dress and a necklace! It feels like cheating and I love it!

5. I'm 25 and I still sleep with a teddy bear. It was one of the presents Chris got me for our first Christmas together. His name is Chris Bear and he says "I love you more than bunnies" if you squeeze his paw. :D

6. I have an ungodly amount of black clothes in my wardrobe. When I was dancing in college, we were required to wear all black to technique classes. That meant black warmups, black leotards and black tights.. We could only wear pink tights for ballet. So.. When I was taking 5 dance classes per semester, I needed a lot of black clothes to cut down on having to do laundry everyday. I'm sure people in my academic classes thought I was goth. ALL I ever wore was black.

7. I'm sure you already know by now that I have one tattoo, but I have plans to get 3 more. My second one is coming soon. It's going to be in honor of both of my grandparents, so I'm really excited about it even though it's going to be on my ribs and it will hurt like crazy!

Okay! So now I nominate these lovely ladies for both awards:

My precious Lillian over at The Beauty Buzz (It's a Tumblr. I don't care!)
My fabulous girl Heather over at Heather's Love of Makeup
The ever-stylish Hannah Michelle over at Hannah Michelle's Beauty Blog
The talented nail polish creator behind twee & honey
The wonderful Holly over at What Holly Has Seen

- - - - - * - - - - -

Okay! Sorry I've been so slack on posting all week. I've been really sick since last Saturday. Finally went to the doctor on Tuesday, spend 5 hours in the ER on Wednesday and slept for over 20 hours yesterday. But no worries! I'm pretty much back to normal now.. so everything is okay. Just wanted you to know I haven't been purposefully neglecting you.

Hope everyone has a happy weekend!

♥ M

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