Saturday, May 28, 2011

TAG -- 25 Random Facts About ME!

Photo Credit: Lasting Light Photography

Bahahahaha... that picture cracks me up EVERY time I see it! My boss and I were testing the lights in the studio one day and... I did that on a whim during a test shoot, haha. Anyways, today is just a fun silly post because I'm in a fantastic mood! Without further pause, I give you... 25 random facts about me:

1. I am SO obsessed with Hello Kitty but have never even talked about her on my blog. How weird is that? My love for HK is so deep that I even rhinestoned her face onto my college graduation cap.. No joke.
And yes, it took FOREVERRRR...

2. I am an only child, which is simultaneously both a blessing and a curse. No offense, Mom!

3. Chris and I are sort-of secretly into WWE wrestling. I don't care if people know that we watch it.. but he does. Pretty sure that's supposed to be the other way around, haha!

4. I definitely have hair and nail ADD! As soon as I change my polish or hair, I start thinking about the next thing to try.

5. I am a SUPER PLANNER. Y'all.. no joke. I plan everything. I mentally plan out everything I have to do the next day down to my clothing, hair and makeup choices so that I don't have to make any decisions on the spot. I like knowing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing and when I'm supposed to be doing it.

6. I loathe birds. Absolutely cannot stand them. Wild birds are one thing. They're generally okay. But pet birds make me want to bash my head against something. And we've been taking care of Chris' mother's cockatiels since January. I hate them. 

7. Chris and I have nicknames for each other. He is Mo and I am Poss. And together.. we are MoPo!
Yup! 'Poss' as in 'Possum'!
8. I have the unhealthiest obsession with thin crust pepperoni pizza. Every Monday night Chris and I order pizza and I get a large and I eat the entire thing by myself in less than 3 days. It's AWFUL! But it's so delicious!

9. I rarely watch movies. If I do watch one, I have to be doing something else as well. I'm not a person that can just sit and focus on a movie.

10. I absolutely love to color. I have at least 4-6 coloring books (most of them are Hello Kitty!) and at least 3 massive boxes of crayons. I don't think I'll ever outgrow it! :D

11. I love computer solitaire games. I think we have like 9 of them downloaded on our laptop.

12. My irritation/anger fuse is literally about |--| that short. I absolutely cannot tolerate stupidity, rudeness or people who don't pay attention to their surroundings. And by golly, I will LET you know it!

13. I love accessories and jewelry, but I don't do earrings. I have a bunch of pairs that I've gotten as gifts, but I only wear my 1 CT total weight diamond studs that Chris got me several years ago.

14. I am probably the coldest human being you will ever meet. It's pathetic. I'm still wearing hoodies and fleece pants in the middle of July IN GEORGIA.. Where it's easily hotter than 95 degrees outside with like 88% humidity... because I'm cold. You should see how many layers I wear in winter. It's horrible.

15. I am a tiny little girl who loves nothing more than driving her Daddy's big, huge truck! I look SO funny in it, but it's like the biggest power trip ever and I absolutely LOVE it!
Yes, that's REALLY me in there!

16. CathyMay15. WEEHO! This is SO one of my most favorite YouTube videos EVER. WEEHO! And it makes Chris want to stab his eardrums out. He obviously has no sense of taste because CathyMay15 is simply awesome. ...I'm tempted to make it my ringtone just to watch his reaction when my phone goes off! WEEHO!

17. I refuse to eat anything that is opaque and white aside from vanilla icing and vanilla ice cream. Anything else isn't even open for discussion. No mayo, sour cream, cream cheese, cottage cheese, bleu cheese, ranch, milk, whipped cream, etc etc. I'll only do skim milk if it has massive amounts of chocolate, is with cereal (but it HAS to be skim and I only use the smallest amount) or is in something. The other products that I mentioned will not be consumed in ANY way.. even if they're mixed in something. It's so bizarre, I know.

18. I have learned that I'm not meant to have blonde or red hair. I've done both and I thought I looked okay, til I saw pictures of myself after the fact...

19. Salmon is undoubtedly my favorite fish. It's yummy, good for you... and pink! :D In fact, I'm eating grilled salmon, spicy grilled lime shrimp and bacon & cheese mashed potatos right now!

20. My three favorite "adult beverages" are: Margaritas, Amaretto Sours, and my own secret concoction called a "Mandizzle"!

21. I looooooove baths. In big bath tubs. Seriously. Love them. The only thing I miss about our old apartment is the garden-size tub. It was amazing.

22. I am absolutely hopeless with styling hair. I can't braid or use a curling iron. It's pathetic.

23. I love playing in the pool, but I only like being in the shallow end. Not because I can't swim, but because it makes me feel better knowing that my feet can touch the bottom. And I have to wear goggles because chlorine literally burns my eyes to where I can't even open them. :\

24. Two jobs I will never hold again: Retail and Food Service. I have witnessed horror stories so awful you'd probably accuse me of making them up. But there's no way my imagination could be that sick and twisted...

25. If I were to have a super power.. I think it would be the ability to find myself in the most outrageous, awkward and uncomfortable situations imaginable because that's basically where I find myself ALL the time. And sometimes it really sucks.

- - - - - * - - - - -

Whew! Okay! So.. that took a lot longer than I expected, but it was still fun! You're all tagged to share 25 things about yourself with us!

♥ M


  1. I loved your 25 things. I have to agree with your hubby on that video girl..I had to turn her off after a few seconds (and this is coming from a girl that enjoys Fred! lol..his video is on my blog under my favorite things that start with F)

    I'm also a hello kitty fan..just found the most adorable corset with hello kitty on it on etsy!

    Happy Memorial Day and Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself, it was enjoyable.

  2. Thanks, Holly! Haha.. I think CathyMay15 is either someone you love or hate. I think she's hilarious! I have seen your alphabet favorites, and I think it's such a cool idea! :D

    I loooooveeeee looking through HK stuff on etsy! I found an HK necklace where she was dressed up like Lady Gaga and I wanted it SO badly... but not at like $50.

    Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day as well, and I'm glad you enjoyed the post! ♥