Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Frustration with NYX

I'd like to preface this post by saying that I never wanted to make my blog a place of negativity. If I don't like something, I'll always be honest with you and tell you why in a constructive way. And throughout this whole NYX debacle, I have tried to remain neutral and keep my personal feelings out of it. But as time progressed, I've grown more and more frustrated with this entire situation and I feel like I need to speak out.

WARNING: I'm angry. This is going to be a very long post.

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I have been a loyal NYX customer for years. I love their glitter liners, eye shadows, eye shadow base, jumbo eye pencils... seriously, the list goes on and on. The products are a great quality for their price point, they have a wide variety of colors, I love the "no frills" packaging.. It seemed like a match made in heaven.

And, as I posted for y'all.. NYX was celebrating their 12th anniversary with a $1.20 online sale for 12 hours on Sunday. But even though NYX had shut their website down the previous night to "prepare" for the sale... no one could access their site on Sunday. I mean, yes. They should have expected that the site was going to get FLOODED with traffic. $1.20 is about 80% off the normal retail prices.. and in today's economy, who doesn't love an amazing deal?

I planned on letting the initial hoard of bargain hunters make their purchases before trying to access the site. I didn't plan on spending a LOT of money, I just wanted to stock up on some jumbo eye pencils and some new colors of eye shadow. And, you know, maybe grab a palette and some lip glosses. Almost everything was $1.20! Can you blame me?!

Well, I tried to get on around 4pm EST. Couldn't even load the site. Checked FB and Twitter, saw lots of people were having the same problem. NYX was like "Oh, guys.. don't worry! We're working on it and will be up soon! Hang tight!" Okay, you know.. stuff happens. No big deal. 

As time goes by, I'm watching their tweets and FB statuses get shorter and snarkier.. And I didn't understand why. Yes, they were doing this sale for us.. but.. it's not our fault that their equipment wasn't working properly. I understand they were getting inundated with thousands of messages every minute, but they could have been more polite in the way they handled the situation. Then they said they'd be up at 5pm PST (8pm EST). So I waited until 9pm EST to log on. Still nothing. Couldn't even get to the black screen. In fact, I never DID get to it at all.

So from 9pm EST til 2am EST, I tried 4-5 times an hour to access the site. I never even got it to load. In some respects, I guess I'm more fortunate than the women who spent 12+ hours glued to their computers who got to complete their orders but could never get the credit card processing portion to load. I think I would have been homicidal if that had been me.

I never personally spoke to anyone who was able to get an order through, but I've heard of others who have. And to those who were able to successfully take part in the $1.20 sale, I applaud you. I just wish we could have all been as lucky.

Late Sunday night, instead of listening to fans who were begging for the $1.20 sale to be postponed until the website was properly working again, NYX said they would extend their sale until 12pm PST on Monday to make up for those who couldn't shop. Problem was, the site still didn't work. And after that, they said would give us a 50% off coupon code to make up for the inconvenience that would be announced after the sale ended. And in case you're saying 50% off still seems like a decent offer I'd like to point out that A) It's NOT what they originally offered and B) I read a blog of a girl who was able to shop during the $1.20 sale but couldn't process her order. Her total during the sale was $31 and change. Her new total with the coupon? Over $140. So.. please. By all means. Go ahead and tell me how "fair" that seems.

Meanwhile, NYX's PR team went silent but still managed to delete massive amounts of negative FB comments and tweets from angry customers. Oh, and they also found time to change their FB picture. Because in the midst of a technical crisis that is crippling your website and losing you thousands of loyal customers, maintaining your social network image is obviously the most important task.

Monday evening came, and NYX decided that instead of releasing a mass coupon code, they wanted to individually make this right with all of us. So to get the 50% off coupon code, we needed to email them a detailed list of our contact info and provide them with our feedback and they would send us our code. Okay, really. WHO is in charge of NYX's PR team? They need to be fired. Your site messes up, so to get a paltry "consolation prize" you want me to do MORE work by sending you my information and feedback after I already wasted more than 5 hours trying to give you my money and couldn't even access your site?! 

Frustrated, I emailed my information to NYX because I wasn't sure if I was even going to buy anything from them, but I wanted to see their response to the feedback I left and I figured I'd get the code just in case my anger dissipated. That was Monday night. It is now Wednesday. And I still haven't received anything from them.

However, I'd like to point out that immediately after the "sale" ended, their site mysteriously went back to functioning like normal... complete with this "apology":
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Um.. I'm sorry, NYX. How long did it take you to come up with that condescending excuse for an apology? And it infuriates me to NO end to read that you are "overwhelmed with joy & thrilled with the massive response that this event has received" because.. I HAVEN'T HEARD ONE PERSON SAY SOMETHING POSITIVE ABOUT IT. While I understand that "any press is 'good' press..." I would think you'd have higher standards for your company than to infuriate the same people you're trying to reward for their continued support.

People who have received their (mass/non-personalized) emails with coupon codes have said that not only can you not use the coupon in conjunction with any other offer (like their "Free Shipping Over $50" promotion) BUT the codes come up with error messages when they are redeemed, making them unusable.

I think it's safe to say that NYX completely failed with this promotion. Was it a classic Bait & Switch scam? Honestly, I'm still not sure. I'd like to think it's not, but I feel like the actions of the company have been less than reputable. Since this sale was supposed to be FOR US, I don't see why they wouldn't just postpone it until they got everything straightened out. Their attitude went from "We're sorry, please bear with us!" to "Tee Hee! Hope those of you that finally got through enjoyed the sale!" I mean, since when did it become a contest?!

If you're still reading this, I sincerely appreciate it. I know this has been a ridiculously long post, but I just had so much that I needed to get off my chest. And lastly, if you are angry with NYX, I encourage you to speak up! Tweet about it, write a FB note, blog about it or even make a YouTube video! If no one holds NYX accountable, they will continue to operate their business in this completely unacceptable manner.

♥ M

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