Saturday, May 21, 2011


Woohoo! I'm officially 25! I have to admit that I don't feel a quarter of a century old! Also.. it makes me sound really old when it's phrased like that, so we're just going to stick to saying I'm 25. :)

I'd also like to congratulate us all on surviving the non-existent Rapture. Or maybe we're all just a bunch of heathens and no one was saved? Maybe congratulations aren't in order... hmmm... Haha, I kid!

My parents took Chris and I out to dinner last night for my birthday. I picked Olive Garden and it was sooo yummy! And then I got to watch Chris make my birthday cake last night. He's so sweet and he did such a good job. He even picked out the decorations all by himself! And it tastes great! Look what a good job he did:
Before lighting the candles!
And after!
I have had a lovely day of doing nothing. We woke up right before Chris had to go to work and grabbed Panda Express on the way in and I ended up having my birthday lunch at his work. Haha, it's okay. I wouldn't know what to do if I didn't eat lunch at his work every Saturday and Sunday. It's pretty much become the norm. I love his work and his coworkers. They're great people. :)

He was trying to drive, haha! This is definitely NOT his best picture...
Yummy Panda Bowl for lunch!
After lunch, I ran by my parents' house and my mom and I went shopping. I helped her pick out a necklace to wear one of Granny's pendants on and I think she got one that looks really nice with it. Plus she got a GREAT deal on it! Then I went to Ulta and grabbed the OPI Serena Williams Glam Slam set with Spark De Triomphe and White Shatter. I've been debating on getting it for a while, but the Spark De Triomphe swatches I've seen just look SO gorgeous and my mom gave me a 20% off coupon so I couldn't refuse!
After Ulta, I ran by the tanning bed and decided to treat myself to a new bottle of lotion. Okay, "treat" is the wrong term.. It was really more of a necessity because I tried to use my bottle and realized it was completely empty. So I had to get dressed again and run out to the desk and buy a new bottle, haha! I ended up trying a new lotion called "LoveStruck" from Supre. 
I've never tried Supre lotions before, but this one supposedly has tons of goodies for your skin and it smells SO good. It's got a floral scent, which I love because it doesn't smell like tanning lotion. I hate leaving the tanning bed and letting everyone know where I've been because of the lotion smell lingering on me. This one smells sweet and like a perfume. And it dries SUPER fast, but I'm not sure how "bronzing" it is. We'll have to see.

Also, speaking of tanning beds.. Does anyone know how to prevent getting a welt on your back from where your skin is pressed into the bed? I don't burn or turn pink in the beds, but I do end up with a nasty, itchy welt that makes me miserable for the better part of 12-14 hours after I tan. It makes me go for less time than I can handle because the longer I go, the worse it gets. ANY advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

After the tanning bed, I came home and let the dogs play out in the back yard for a little while before grabbing a snack (Coke, leftover pizza and birthday cake!) and getting online. Over 65 friends and family wished me "Happy Birthday" on Facebook alone! Not to mention the texts, emails, tweets and phone calls I received! I felt so loved! And I responded to each person individually. I have the best friends and family ever. :)

Nap time followed checking the computer, and I snuggled with the kitties for a couple of blissful hours. Birthday naps are the best for sure!

And.. that's been my day! Nothing too exciting, but sometimes relaxing birthdays are the best days! Can't wait to have dinner with one of our dear friends on Monday night to celebrate his recent graduation from college and my birthday! We're going to our favorite local, family-owned, Mexican restaurant that my parents and I have been going to since the late 90's. I can't wait for that!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! I already know what post I'm going to work on for y'all tomorrow!

♥ M

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