Tuesday, May 24, 2011

EXPIRED -- Get Lady Gaga's New Album for 99 CENTS!!!

So Gaga's new album, Born This Way, dropped today and while I don't think it's her strongest one to date, it's definitely worth buying. Especially when you can buy it in its entirety on Amazon for 99 cents! Now, I'm not sure how long this will last, but how can you beat it?!

Also, if you have Amazon's Cloud Player (which is AMAZING) and you buy any album from Amazon, they will give you an extra 20 GB of free music storage for a year. 

Don't know what the Cloud Player is or how it works? Let me explain: Cloud is Amazon's version of iTunes, except it only gives you 5GB of music storage for free instead of an unlimited amount. BUT unlike iTunes where you can only take as much music with you as your iPod can hold, you can access your Cloud Player for free from any smart phone, computer, iPad, or basically anything with internet access. And if 5 GB of storage isn't enough, you can always upgrade to get more. 

One of Hubby's awesome coworkers (Shout out to the Yeti!) introduced him to the wonders of the Cloud Player and it's pretty much become our favorite thing. I never used to make it through the day without reaching for my iPod, but I haven't even touched it in weeks. If we're being completely honest, I think it's actually been shoved to the back of the junk drawer... :\

OH! Another upside to Amazon and the Cloud Player? Their music is generally cheaper than iTunes and they always have specials and sales going on. Plus, I totally love having the equivalent of a 20GB iPod that I can access from my phone anywhere for 99 cents AND I got Gaga's new album to boot! Y'all know I love me a deal! :D

Like I said, I don't know how long the 99 cent album price will last, so grab it now if you were planning on grabbing it!

♥ M

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