Tuesday, April 5, 2011

REVIEW -- Oscar Blandi's "Pronto Invisible" VS TRESemmé's "FreshStart"


In case you missed it, I have already done a complete review of Pronto Invisible and you can read it here. In the interest of not writing a novel, I'm going to refrain from doing a complete review of the TRESemmé FreshStart and only compare key aspects of both products to each other for evaluation purposes.

Pronto Invisible retails 5 oz for $23. FreshStart offers 5.7 oz for $4.99. I have only been able to find Pronto Invisible at Ulta and Sephora. FreshStart can be purchased at drug stores, mass retailers, grocery stores, and Ulta. Both products are also available at various retailers online.

True to its claim, Pronto Invisible has no white residue and no product fallout. FreshStart does not have the same claim and leaves a white residue that is very obvious on dark hair, however it does brush out rather easily. Pronto Invisible has a slight residue at all after it has dried and hair has been brushed out. FreshStart has a slight buildup as well, but I feel it is more pronounced than Pronto Invisible.

Pronto Invisible has a light, lemon scent that is reminiscent of Froot Loops. It is not very noticeable after the product dries unless someone is actually sniffing your hair. FreshStart has a very perfumed scent that smells like hair spray. It is definitely noticeable for hours after the spray has dried. Personally, I found the smell of the FreshStart to be too much and it eventually gave me a headache during the course of the day.

Both products claim to boost volume, and I have seen many people review the shampoos saying that they use them on clean hair to provide extra volume. I sprayed both shampoos on my hair on separate days and followed up by teasing the hair where I applied the shampoo. Overall, I found that the Pronto Invisible provided more volume and it lasted longer than the FreshStart. I was surprised by that because I expected the FreshStart to provide more volume AND hold the teasing better since it has more product buildup/residue than the Pronto Invisible.

Probably the most important use for a dry shampoo is to disguise 2nd (or 3rd!) day hair. I feel like you have to use a pretty decent amount of the Pronto Invisible to control oil, but I feel like it does a better job of absorbing than the FreshStart does. My hair still looked gross with the FreshStart even though I sprayed a LOT of it on my hair. I was embarrassed and regretted not having a hair band with me so that I could pull my hair up.

I'm sure you can guess which product is the winner by now. I have to say it's the Pronto Invisible, hands down. And honestly, before I tried the FreshStart, I would have never thought that I would end up liking the Pronto Invisible better. I've always had decent success with TRESemmé products and I thought this would be no different. Also, considering the price difference between the two, I was really hoping that the $4.99 option would win out. Unfortunately, not in this case. And since I've been using the Pronto Invisible to add extra volume to my hair, I've really fallen in love with it and it's become part of my daily routine.

Have you tried either product? If so, what are your thoughts?


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