Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our Date Night Bust... :\

I'm going to warn you.. this post is entirely non-beauty related, but I thought it might make a few of y'all laugh. Maybe? Maybe not.. I don't know. Oh well. Regularly scheduled beauty posts will resume tomorrow. Promise!

Soo.. it's been a little while since Chris and I have had more of a date night than just dinner out somewhere. On the way to my Granny's for Easter, he suggested that we go to Dave & Busters tonight. I was SO excited! I totally love D&B! But... yea... Tonight wasn't so great.

Hubby had been up since 1030 am yesterday morning (without even a nap) trying to readjust his body since he works tomorrow night, and he was understandably tired by the time we started out. And.. I don't know. I've just been irritable all day. We got there and Lady Luck was not with us.. games kept eating our tokens and not giving us the right amount of coupons.. Ugh.

And then we were playing the basketball game and I ended up with an extra ball left out at the end of the game. Before I could even bend down to grab my tickets, some kid ran all up in my personal bubble, put his hand on my expensive new purse and screamed "CAN I SHOOT THAT BACK IN?!" right in my face. (Because I'm short.) Oh. My. God. Y'all. I nearly lost it. Well, actually, I kind of did. And I don't care! Poor Chris was just like "Oookayyy, honey... why don't we go over HERE... Away from the children..." But I bet that kid learned to never make that mistake again!

We ended up leaving shortly after that because we just weren't having a good time and we figured we could save the rest of the money on our card for next time.. so we went to Olive Garden to have dinner because we haven't been in forevvvver and we got to eavesdrop on some couple on a date. I seriously wish all of you could have been there with us to listen to the guy.. All I can say is that poor, poor woman. Bless her heart. She's a trooper. Chris and I started placing bets on how much longer she was going to sit there before she "went to the restroom" and didn't come back.

Mr. Bachelor spent several minutes talking about his WoW (World of Warcraft) obsession while Chris and I snickered. And then. OH. And THEN. We got to hear this gem: "Yea, I've invested a lot of money in Rogaine. Like, a LOT of money..." and this is where he takes off baseball hat to reveal a very bald head. "...Obviously it didn't work that well." We were dying. Literally. I snorted my sweet tea.

That was followed up shortly with "So.. I only have $400 in my bank account. Yea. Meaning we can't go TOO crazy. You know what I mean?" and "Well, I mean, I have a trashcan in my hall so if I don't like it I can just throw it away." ...We have NO clue what that was in reference to, but judging by his previous conversational skills and prowess, one can only imagine. >_<

So, at least our dinner entertainment helped to redeem our night. Chris came home and immediately passed out, poor thing. I twitpic'd a picture of him that he doesn't know about because he's just so cute sleeping. :)

As promised, beauty stuff resumes tomorrow!

Love y'all!

♥ M


  1. I lawled at the snorted sweet tea.

  2. Bahaha. Chris did, too. It made me feel classy! ;)