Tuesday, April 12, 2011

One Girl's Thoughts on 'Limited Edition' Products

Limited Edition. It's probably one of the most over used marketing strategies of all time, simultaneously inspiring loathing among some and the rabid necessity of acquisition in others. Nothing can drive the hoarding obsession of consumers more than exclusivity. 

Luxury brands have been using the tactic for ages. Simply release a small number of a single item and it will almost instantly garner the coveted "cult" status... whether it's worthy of the title or not. Slowly, the trend has trickled down to department --and even drugstore-- brands. But are they WORTH it? Well, that depends on how you look at them.

Because I am so thorough, I decided to ask my Facebook friends what they thought of LE products in a VERY unscientific poll. The overwhelming response I got (from both sexes) was that they are overpriced and not a wise investment.

Personally, I think LE cosmetic products are the worst. There is nothing more frustrating than finding that perfect shade only to have it discontinued. Trust me. I thought I would never need another blush after finding Victoria's Secret "Love Life" Mosaic Blush... until I realized it was LE and watched it be promptly  discontinued.  Besides, it's not like you can stock up on the products because all cosmetics inevitably have a shelf life! And don't even get me started on LE perfumes... Ugh.

However, some beauty junkies love the thrill of using their own (readily available) stashes to recreate the look of these coveted products. For instance, Lancome loves to come out with slews of LE products. But did you know that they are owned by L'Oreal, who coincidentally also owns L'Oreal Paris and Maybelline? This knowledge can make finding inexpensive dupes and complimentary shades that can be mixed together a lot easier.

I have to agree to some extent and say that I love finding my own dupes for high end products (Like the $2 dupe I found for an iconic $18 nail polish here!). But what happens when you realize that you've just dropped big bucks on a LE product that isn't even an original color? Anger? Teeth gnashing? Frustration? Sometimes I think you just have to chalk it up as a lesson learned and really do your homework before handing your money over.

Bottom Line: I think LE products have their place. I mean, after all, everyone likes to have something "exclusive." But I suggest only buying a product if you are so in love with it that you would buy it irregardless of its LE status. Do your homework to find out just how unique that color is before you purchase. And what happens if you fall in love with it? Can you find dupes for it after the product runs out? Also keep in mind its inflation rate. Is it worth paying an upcharge just to have that LE status? If you've done your research and your heart and head (and wallet!) still say yes, then by all means... Go for it!

What are your thoughts on LE products? Worth it? Ripoff? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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