Saturday, April 30, 2011

NAIL ART: Sponge Mani with Rhinestone Daisies

Ok. So.. The newsprint nails did NOT last. I mean, they were cool. But I wasn't super attached. So I replaced them with these! In hindsight, I think I should have picked another color than yellow for the base because it ended up a little darker than I intended.. but it's not the end of the world. I think a pale pink would have looked cuter. Maybe next time! This mani is inspired from a tutorial by the YouTube guru LOVE4NAILS.

  • Ulta -- Sweet Nothing
  • essence -- Sundancer
  • Sinful Colors -- 24/7
  • Pure Ice -- Gold Mist
  • Maybelline -- Fairy Pink
  • Wet N Wild -- Hallucinate
  • Sinful Colors -- Snow Me White
  • 1 mm Rhinestones
  • Small Brush, Toothpick or Dotting Tool
  • Cosmetic Sponge
  • Scrap Paper
  • Ulta Salon Formula -- Clear Top Coat
  1. The mani is supposed to have a somewhat milky base so I painted my nails 1 coat of Ulta's Sweet Nothing and let them dry.
  2. I grabbed my cosmetic sponge and swiped a little patch of Sundancer on it and lightly sponged the bottom 2/3 of my nails, leaving my tips free. I swiped a patch of 24/7 on another clean part of the sponge and lightly sponged my tips. Then I let them dry.
    • If you want to see how to do a sponge mani, check out LOVE4NAILS' channel. She uses sponges in almost every tutorial. :)
  3. To deepen the colors a little bit, swipe Gold Mist on another clean part of the sponge and dab it over the yellow part of your nails. Finally, swipe Fairy Pink onto the last clean quarter of your sponge edge and sponge your tips. Let your nails dry
    • Did you know you can reuse your sponge? Take scissors and snip off the little edge that you used and you can reuse your sponge several more times!
  4. Take Hallucinate and paint all of your nails. It's a fabulous glitter polish! I had to use 2 coats. Let those dry.
  5. Grab your thin brush/toothpick/dotting tool and your Snow Me White. Glop a little bit of polish onto your paper and use your tool to create a small flower on each nail. I literally drew little asterisks with 8 points.
  6. While the center of the flower is still wet, grab a rhinestone and place it in the center of your flower.
  7. Seal with a top coat and you're done!
- - - - - * - - - - -

And that's it! Not too hard! Like I said, I think I'd definitely pick another color other than yellow if I ever re-did it. But I think it's perfect for Spring!

Alright, so one more thing: I recently created a spreadsheet with all of my nail polishes in it so that I can keep track of my collection. I know, I know. I'm pathetic. BUT it made me realize that I need to branch out on my brand experimentation a little bit! If you'd like to see it, you can find it here.

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Hope y'all have a great weekend! Chris and I are going to a really great classic car show with my Daddy today! SO excited! I always went every year when I was growing up and it's such a fun time! This will be the first time Chris and I are going since we've been dating.. so I'm so happy to share this with him! I might do a "Follow Me Around" vlog video for the day.. I haven't decided yet. Anyways, it's 4am and I need to be up by 730am. Aaaaand... I'm not even tired. We're watching Katt Williams on Netflix, so I'm laughing too hard to be tired. Haha. Oh. And I've had a lot of caffeine. Can you tell?!

Alright, Alright. I'm rambling, I'm sorry. Seriously, have a great weekend. Be safe. Love y'all!

♥ M


  1. Your nails look so cute! I love the Sinful 24/7 - it's the perfect neon pink.

    Nice blog. ♥

  2. Thanks! I know, I love 24/7! It's such a fab color. Cream Pink is like my ultimate favorite pink, though. ♥