Monday, April 4, 2011

NAIL ART -- Half Crackle with Silver Lining

Okay, okay. I promise this will be the last crackle design I do for a little while. But seriously. It's so easy and it always turns out perfect. I can't help loving it! This is definitely one of the fastest designs I've done. Not counting the base color which I had done at my nail salon when I got my fill, I think I timed the design itself at 15 minutes.

Alright.. let's show you how to recreate it:

Sorry for the poor picture quality. Our camera was dead so I had to use my cell phone and it doesn't have a flash. :\

  • NOT PICTURED -- O.P.I -- La Paz-Itively Hot 
    • It was my base color I chose at my nail salon. I don't own it.
  • Scotch Tape
  • Ulta Salon Formula -- Clear Top Coat
  • essence -- Silver Striper
  • China Glaze Crackle Glaze -- Black Mesh
  • essence Rhinestone Picker
  • Clear 1mm Rhinestones
  • Clear 3mm Rhinestones
    • Found at JoAnns

NOTE: I skipped applying a base coat because I have acrylic over my nails. However, if you have natural nails ALWAYS remember to apply a base coat!
  1. I had my O.P.I. base color applied at my nail salon. Honestly, I'm not a fan of O.P.I polish for acrylic nails, but I liked the color and I knew it wouldn't stay on my nails longer than 3-5 days anyways.
  2. At home, I pulled off pieces of scotch tape and pressed them on my hand first to remove most of the glue. Then I placed them diagonally along each nail to mark off where the crackle polish will go. Make sure to press the tape down FIRMLY on your nails! My left hand is L-R, my right hand is R-L. You always want your nail designs to mirror each other.
  3. Once my fingers were scotch taped, I swiped a medium amount of crackle glaze over the exposed area on my nails and pulled the tape off immediately after completing each nail. If you leave the tape on while your polish dries,  you won't end up with a clean line.
  4. After giving the crackle polish a few minutes to dry, I took my silver striper and thinned out my brush. I applied a diagonal silver stripe to the free edge of the crackle polish to hide the "seam" of the 2 polishes meeting.
  5. On my ring fingers, I applied a layer of top coat and placed rhinestones in the middle of my nail along the silver line. I used 2 1mm clear rhinestones and placed a clear 3mm rhinestone in the middle of them.
  6. I applied a layer of top coat to all my nails and was done!
See how easy that is! Hopefully you'll try it and love it! I think it's a super cute design and it's a great variation from the "full nail crackle."

Happy crackling!


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  1. This is an amazing design i really love it and i think that i am going to try it, but probably with a really pretty purple (:
    thanks so much for the amazing design this is so creative.
    keep it up !