Monday, April 18, 2011

NAIL ART -- "Funky" French with Rhinestones

After doing a post on my favorite polishes for Spring, I was itching to use China Glaze's 'For Audrey' so I brought it with me when I got my nails filled. While I love the color, I wasn't digging plain nails so I decided to jazz them up with a complimentary turquoise tip and silver line. "Diamond" accents on my ring fingers help complete the Tiffany inspired look.

  • China Glaze -- For Audrey
  • Hard Candy -- Frenzy
  • Ulta Salon Formula -- Clear Top Coat
  • Scotch Tape
  • essence -- Silver Nail Striper
  • essence Rhinestone Picker
  • 1mm Clear Rhinestones
  • 3mm Clear Rhinestones

NOTE: I skipped applying a base coat because I have acrylic over my nails. However, if you have natural nails ALWAYS remember to apply a base coat!
  1. I had my nail tech apply 'For Audrey' when I had my fill done at my nail salon.
  2. At home, I pulled off pieces of scotch tape and pressed them on my hand first to remove most of the glue. Then I placed them on the tips of my nails, leaving about 1/5th of my nail exposed to create a "tip".
  3. Once my fingers were scotch taped, I swiped a coat of 'Frenzy' over the exposed area on my nails and pulled the tape off immediately after completing each nail. If you leave the tape on while your polish dries,  you won't end up with a clean line.
  4. After giving the polish a few minutes to dry, I took my silver striper and thinned out my brush. I applied a horizontal silver stripe to the free edge of the polish to hide the "seam" of the 2 polishes meeting because I had some minor imperfections where my tape didn't get pressed down completely.
  5. On my ring fingers, I applied a layer of top coat and placed rhinestones in the middle of my nail along the silver line. I used 2 1mm clear rhinestones and placed a clear 3mm rhinestone in the middle of them.
  6. I applied a layer of top coat to all my nails and was done!
And that's it! Super quick and easy, and it can be done using any color combination you like! Enjoy!

♥ M


  1. Oh pretty, I really love this! You have a great talent for nail art!! x

  2. These are well pretty! xxx