Thursday, April 7, 2011

GET THE LOOK (For Less!) -- Kate Middleton's Engagement Ring

Who isn't envious of Kate Middleton's royal engagement ring?! Since getting a real version of the original is definitely out of my price range, I've been looking for reasonably priced replicas. Originally, I saw an infomercial on TV for a silver plated copy. It looks decent, and it's pretty reasonable at $19.90 before shipping and handling. If you're interested in seeing or purchasing it, you can find the website here. It also comes with a decorative box and "certificate of authenticity."

However, my best friend and I went outlet shopping yesterday and while browsing in Claire's she came across a GREAT replica of Kate's ring for $10! Unfortunately, there was only one. And, being the amazing bffl that she is.. she let me have it! Have I said I love her lately? Because I do. Anyways, the ring is a size 6, which is too big for my ring finger but it fits my middle finger perfectly. And it's so big, I honestly kind of like it more as a big statement ring than I do wearing it as an actual ring.

I don't know if a Claire's near you will have the same ring. I meant to go buy the one in our mall today to see if they had them, but it's Spring Break and I honestly just didn't feel like fighting through the throngs of pre-teens trolling the mall because they're not in school. However, I will say that the outlet has a lot of the same jewelry that the one in our mall had about a month ago when I went and got the gummy bear necklace that is in my "50 Subscribers Contest" video... so I would assume the regular stores would have them.

Here's a picture of my ring, just so you can see it for comparison:

What do you think?! I think it's a great little ring and I'm so glad it's mine! Stay tuned... I'll post another blog about all the other goodies I got while outlet shopping soon! Or maybe I'll make a video? I'm not sure yet... Hmmm...


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  1. I got mine from Ardene's as part of a "3 for $10" deal - so that's about $3.33!