Friday, April 1, 2011

Dorothy Who?!

OHHH MY GOODNESS!!! I don't care if I sound like the biggest loser right now. I don't even care. I am now the proud owner of a bottle of China Glaze's Dorothy Who?! And I know it's not even a limited edition... or new. But for some reason, I have had the hardest time tracking it down! The only place I could find that sold it was Sally's and every time I went they were out of it. Except today!

My nail salon got a bottle of it around New Years Eve and I was immediately drawn to it because it's obviously gorgeous (that picture doesn't do it justice at all) and it matched my NYE dress. I instantly loved it so much that I went and tried to find a bottle that same day. So... you can imagine how thrilled I am after searching for 4 MONTHS!

Dorothy Who? came out with the Wizard of Oz collection which also contains my all-time favorite red nail polish, Ruby Pumps... which is a red version of the same formula. It's ultra glittery and fun. This is the best swatch of it I've been able to find online:
You can't tell me it's not amazing. I already have my nail art planned out for tonight, and I'm too excited about it to deviate.. but this will probably be the next thing to go on my nails. It's SO gorgeous. Literally. I can't get over it. AND NOW I OWN IT!

If you don't feel like spending 4 months tracking it down yourself, you can pick up your own bottle here:

Love and sparkles!


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