Sunday, April 3, 2011

DIY -- Sephora Inspired Makeup Brush Holder

I absolutely adore the way Sephora sells their brushes in the clear containers filled with little beads. I recently decided that I wanted to duplicate that look for my own brushes because the way I was storing mine had become too much of a hassle.

While at WalMart, I picked up the glass container you see in the picture. I think it was like $3? I can't remember exactly. I've had it for a couple of weeks. It also doesn't say how big it is. But any clear container you like will work.

After doing some extensive research, I came across the exact beads that Sephora uses in their displays. Unfortunately, much to my dismay, they are $18.75 per pound. However, if your heart is set on having the same beads as Sephora, you can purchase them on ebay here.

While I would have loved to splurge and spend $20 on glass beads, I think Chris might have honestly killed me. So I kept searching. And then I found these. They are 1mm bigger than the beads Sephora uses, so it wouldn't be an exact match but at $4.10 a pound, it was definitely an improvement. However, I wanted my beads now and I didn't want to pay for shipping.

So I headed to my local Michaels. I found Colorfill but I wasn't absolutely in love with it. And THEN I saw a bag of decorative acrylic discs from Panacea Products. Unfortunately, I can't find a picture of the bag for you online and the website doesn't actually sell products. However, I can show you what an individual disc looks like:
And I thought that might just work. At this point, I had abandoned the idea of staying true to Sephora's beads and was opting for a very "inspired" adaptation. So I picked up a 12 oz package and continued looking around Michaels. Across the store, I happened to see tiny 0.98 oz bottles of Boutique Fleur Mini Gems in a variety of colors. They had acrylic discs that matched the clear ones I had picked up and they also had mini teardrops. For some reason, the teardrops were on clearance and the discs were not. I picked up 2 bottles of pink teardrops to add in to my mix for some color. Unfortunately, I can't find any pictures of these online either.

And so.. I came home and emptied my 12 oz bag of clear acrylic discs into the container and then poured in my two 0.98 oz bottles of pink teardrop gems and mixed them all together. It's SUPER cute and my container is big enough to fit all of my brushes (that I actually use) and 4 of my favorite lip glosses.

I don't think I would go any bigger than the discs that I have just because the bigger the filler you use the harder it will be to push your brushes back down into the holder. I also didn't put my foundation brush in the holder because it is a double ended brush and I didn't want either end of it to get damaged by being pushed down into the discs.

Now that it's complete, I think I'd like to either add a bow to it or find a glittery 'M' sticker and stick it on one side just for some pizazz. What do you think?

Happy crafting!


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