Tuesday, March 29, 2011

REVIEW -- 2 Products I Don't Like in 1 Post.

First, I hope y'all like the new blog layout! I decided to make it match my YouTube channel. I just love the pink polka dots... I even have the same background on my phone! Haha! Okay... down to business.

I've been wanting to scrunch my hair again, and most of my hair and beauty products are currently boxed up in the back of our storage unit. I prefer to use SunSilk products when I curl or scrunch my hair, but since they are no longer sold in the US, I didn't want to wait to order them from Amazon. I was at Target and I picked this little bottle up.

It was $2.84 and I figured it might work with best with some hair spray. Unfortunately, the mousse wasn't very foamy and it completely dissolved as soon as I rubbed my hands together. However, I applied it to my hair anyways and it did nothing but make my hair limp and greasy. No curl. No crimp. Whatsoever.

I actually used it on Friday, when I filmed the video on salons. If you've watched it.. you know I had to end up pulling my hair into a knot on the top of my head. I don't know if I got a bad bottle, or what.. but I'm not going to spend more money to find out.

I'll be honest and admit that this was a total impulse buy. I have very fine hair, but I have a lot of it. Unfortunately, the down side to having fine hair is that EVERYTHING shows up on it. If my hair has the slightest bit of oil, you can tell. If I don't properly warm my hair before I clamp my flat iron on it... You can tell that too. I've had reasonable luck with Garnier... so I thought I might be able to make this work.

Buuuuuuut... Not a chance. I've tried this product at least 4 times and every time my hair has ended up so greasy I've had to fight the urge to immediately re-wash my hair. Even 1 spray onto my hands and rubbed around BEFORE being applied to my hair is enough to ruin my clean hair.

Maybe this product would work better for thicker hair? I'm not sure. But I do know that I'm chalking this product up as another waste. If you're interested, I think it was like $3.30-something at WalMart.

Have you used these products and had success with them? Let me know!



  1. the Garnier Fructis Style shine works GREAT for my hair. Its very thick and short and when i straighten it i use either the spray directly on the hair and move my fingers through it or the Sleek and Shine Anti-Frizz Serum. but with the serum the TINIEST amount works wonders. The spray, though, needs about three or four sprays.

  2. CARE BEAR! Yea, I suspected the Garnier would work better with thick hair. I wish it worked for me, but I just haven't found a way. Do you want my bottle? It's seriously like brand new and I was just going to throw it away...

    ♥ youuu!