Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Our Kitties Got a Jungle Gym!

So Chris and I saw this fun little thing on clearance at WalMart the other night and I convinced him to buy it. We weren't sure if the cats would even like it... or if the mesh things could support their weight (!) but there was a Russian Blue on the box that looked like Earl and I wanted to see Earl be cute like that... so... we bought it with the plan to give it 2 weeks to see if they take to it before returning it.

I think it's so cute! It's not really that big, but it is actually very sturdy! It can support both of their weights if they get up on the mesh but I don't think they like being up on it. We've put them on it a couple times and they stay up there about 30 seconds before they get down. They do sleep underneath it, though and Earl likes to curl up in the bottom part of the popup tend and sleep. I wish the popup tent had 2 floors, but it doesn't. Ours also didn't come with the little ball thingies. I guess the picture is of the deluxe version.

Overall, I'm impressed with it and I'm glad to see that the cats are taking to it. They don't really play with toys, and while they love food... sometimes we'd like to give them other things but they make it hard to spoil them. Andy just craves belly rubs and Earl gets ecstatic over a hair band. The dogs are so much easier. Buy them big rawhide bones and a frisbee and they'll be your best friends for life. 

So what are your favorite ways to spoil your pets? Do you buy them toys? Treats? Clothes? It's so much fun to pamper them!



  1. haha we had that same thing for our cats..key word HAD we have a fat cat and he jumped on it 1 too many times and broke it lol

  2. That's what I'm worried about! Our cats are 17 and 18 lbs. I'm glad they don't like sitting on the mesh parts... Otherwise I think it would definitely break!