Monday, March 21, 2011

NAIL ART -- Abstract Dots on Blue Background


Honestly, I wasn't even sure what to call this... besides crazy. Haha. This design is a toned down version of the "Rainbow Abstract Nails" that can be found in the Nail Art Tab in the top banner. I did those last year based off of a design from the nail art guru LOVE4NAILS on YouTube, and while they were very fun.. they were a LOT of work and the end result ended up being a bit much... even for me.

However, I liked the basic dotting design and decided I would try it again with a single background color to see how that toned the overall intensity down. And, I have to say.. I still don't think it's the right design for the faint of heart or those who favor subtlety. But if wild, trend-setting nails are right up your alley, then these are definitely for you!


  • essence -- Pool Party
    • Found at Ulta
  • essence -- Check Me Out
    • Found at Ulta
  • essence -- SunDancer
    • Found at Ulta
  • Pure Ice -- Don't You Wish
    • Found at WalMart
  • Rimmel -- Tequila Sunrise
    • Found at WalMart or Ulta
  • Sinful Colors -- Cream Pink
    • Found at Target
  • Sinful Colors -- Dream On
    • Found at Target
  • Folk Art Acrylic Paint -- Wicker White
    • Found at WalMart or any craft/hobby store
  • Jumbo Glitter Shaker -- Sparkling Silver
    • Found at WalMart or any craft/hobby store
  • 3 Double Ended Dotting Tools -- Green, Blue, Yellow
    • Found on ebay
  • NOT PICTURED -- Ulta Salon Formula -- Clear Top Coat
    • Found at Ulta
Let's quickly discuss the advantages of using acrylic craft paint instead of nail polish for nail art. While it might seem odd (or even "cheap") to use craft paint on your nails instead of nail polish, I assure you that this is normal practice. Acrylic paints provide better color blending, longer working time, stronger pigmentation, and many other benefits when compared to "nail art" polish. Also, think of the pricing! You can buy a nail art striper for anywhere between $2 and $6 USD and it will last you.. oh, I don't know.. maybe a year or two? BUT.. you can buy a bottle of craft paint that is 10-20x the size of the nail art polish for 99 cents and have it for much longer! Plus, acrylics come in every color under the sun, just like nail polishes! So I suggest investing your money in good detailing brushes that will last you a long time and buying acrylics.

And I'll be honest and say that you should probably use nail art glitter or "flat rhinestones" on your nails instead of regular glitter. However, I bought that huge thing of glitter to dip canes in for recital dance that I choreographed and I still have 99.7% of it left. I've never had a problem with the craft glitter affecting my nails, but I also have acrylic over my natural nails so I don't know if that makes a difference. The craft glitter is a little challenging to get off, but it's no worse than removing regular rhinestones.


NOTE: I skipped applying a base coat because I have acrylic over my nails. However, if you have natural nails ALWAYS remember to apply a base coat!
  1. Apply 2 coats of 'Pool Party' and allow to dry.
  2. Apply 1 coat of the glitter polish 'Don't You Wish' and allow to dry.
  3. Put a drop of white paint on a spare piece of paper. Using the big end on the green dotting tool, place your "focal" white dots on each nail. The focal dot will have a smaller, colored dot placed in the middle of it later.
  4. While the focal dots are drying, use the smaller end of the blue dotting tool to make semi-circles of white dots on various parts of your nails. The goal is to create a homogeneous overall design between white and yellow dots and silver glitter. Keep this in mind when applying your white dots.
  5. Place a drop of 'SunDancer' on your paper and use the same end of your blue dotting tool to place circles and semi-circles of yellow on your nails. Allow to dry.
  6. While your yellow dots are drying, place drops of the remaining colors on your paper. Using the large end of the blue dotting tool, place one colored dot in each white focal dot. I used green on my pinky, pink on my ring finger, yellow on my middle finger, orange on my index finger and green and purple on my thumb. (My thumb has 2 focal dots.) Allow to dry.
  7. Once ALL dots have dried, sprinkle a small amount of glitter onto your paper. Apply top coat to fingers one at a time and use the smallest end of your yellow dotting tool to apply glitter in circles and semi-circles like you did with the white and yellow dots. Allow time to dry.
  8. After your nails have completely dried, apply another layer of top coat to protect your glitter and you're done!
Happy dotting!



  1. Oh wow! They are really funky! xx

  2. Thanks, love! At first, I thought they were a bit much but I grew to like them after a couple of days. :)