Wednesday, March 16, 2011

NAIL ART -- Crackle Nails with Rhinestone Bow

Welcome to my nail art installments! When I do a new manicure, I'll post a picture and show you the products I used and tell you how to recreate it! Also, check my 'Nail Art' tab up at the top of the blog for a gallery of past designs!


As I've mentioned in my YouTube videos, I am in LOVE with China Glaze's Crackle Glaze. Currently, I only have Black Mesh, but I definitely intend to get the other 5 colors. So.. this is my manicure for the week! It's a very pale pink glitter topped with the Crackle Glaze and I added a contrasting bow out of rhinestones for good measure. I'm not big on repeating nail art designs, but you will see the rhinestone bows a lot. I love them for a subtle bit of fun. :)


  • Pure Ice -- Lilac Mist
    • Found at WalMart
  • China Glaze Crackle Glaze -- Black Mesh
    • Found at Ulta or Sally's Beauty Supply
  • Ulta Salon Formula -- Clear Top Coat
    • Found at Ulta
  • Essence Rhinestone Picker
    • Found at Ulta
  • 1mm Rhinestones
    • Found at Sally's and online.
Now.. Let's talk about pickers and dotting tools and rhinestones for a minute. Do you need a special tool to apply rhinestones? Absolutely not! You can use anything from a tooth pick or a pencil to apply them. It's just my preference to use a picker or dotting tool. And rhinestones.. you can buy them at Sally's and get a few rhinestones and a big wheel for around $6 OR you can go online. I bought mine on ebay from Hong Kong. I found an amazing deal and got 5 wheels of 1500 1mm rhinestones (a piece) for $3.50. That's 7500 rhinestones! Granted, it did take them almost a month to arrive.. but I definitely won't have to order any more for a very long time! Here's a closeup of what one of the wheels looks like:


NOTE: I skipped applying a base coat because I have acrylic over my nails. However, if you have natural nails ALWAYS remember to apply a base coat!
  1. Apply 3 coats of Pure Ice. Let nails dry between each coat.
  2. Working quickly, apply an even layer of China Glaze to each nail. Allow a good 10 minutes for polish to completely crackle and dry.
  3. Open your rhinestones. 
    • If I'm using 2 colors, I like to have 2 wheels open. However, if you only have 1 wheel, dump enough out from each color so that you don't have to flip back and forth. 
  4. Apply a layer of top coat to one of the fingers you want to apply the rhinestones to. 
    • I chose my ring fingers.
  5. While the top coat is still wet, dip your picker into it and use the picker to apply rhinestones to make a bow. The pattern looks like this:

      6.   Repeat as desired.
      7.   Apply topcoat to all nails and allow to dry.

And that's it! Super simple and TOTALLY cute!

Have fun and happy rhinestoning!


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