Friday, March 11, 2011

All you need is... POSITIVITY!

Okay, so now I remember why I'm usually "offline" in Facebook chat. An old acquaintance messaged me a few minutes ago and started the whole "Wow, what are you doing up at 3am?" conversation. When I mentioned I was about to film a couple of videos for my new YouTube channel, they responded with "rly? u think people ACTUALLY care about what you have to say?"

Um. Well.. Yea? I mean, I hope so. Anyways, this just ties in perfectly to something I've been thinking a lot about over the past couple of days: Positivity.

Why IS it that the world seems to have so little of it sometimes? People always want to gossip about the negative things. And then there are those people who only see the bad side...... to EVERYTHING. But why?! That's such a horrible and unhappy way to live!

And.. unfortunately, sometimes those people are your parents. Or your boss. Or even your friends or your partner. How do you avoid letting them bring you down? And how do you respond to someone close to you when they attack everything you stand for and do? Well, you can either distance yourself, or confront them and try to change their outlook on life.

One of my favorite things to do is to think of things I'm thankful for throughout the day. For instance: even when our dogs are barking their heads off for no reason and it's on my last nerve... I'm thankful that we have them because they are sweet and affectionate girls who love us unconditionally. When I don't want to drive an hour to the studio to work... I'm thankful I have a job in an economy where SO many people don't AND that it's a job I love and that I have a great boss who believes in me no matter what. When I don't want to cook dinner, I think about the fact that I not only have food to cook, but it's also tasty and nutritious food... when so many people go hungry. 

So, you see.. there is ALWAYS something good in every situation. It might not always be apparent, but it's there. Somehow. Some way. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

My challenge to you is to think about something you're thankful for and post it in the comments below. And then put a smile on your face! Because even when things suck.. and you feel alone.. guess what. I'm here and I believe in you and love you. No matter what. 

So hold your head up high and smile on, my darlings!



  1. I am thankful to have you. :-D

  2. Aww... You're so precious. I'm thankful for YOU! ♥

  3. Well I just came across your blog today and I found you because I googled "Target beauty bag" because I have not gotten mine yet and I wanted to see what was in it and I found your youtube video. I enjoyed the video so much I clicked here to check out your blog. I LOVED your self tanning series of posts so I kept clicking "older posts" and reading everything you have posted, just now came across this one and I have only read the first paragraph so far but I had to comment. YES people actually DO care what you have to say, I have been sitting here reading your blog and watching your videos all afternoon :-) Keep up the great work your posts are interesting and you are a really good writer.

  4. Heezy, I already told you this on FB, but I wanted to respond here as well...


    Literally. Not only did your sweet comment make my day, but it made me a little teary. I post because I love doing it, and I just want to inspire creativity and confidence and everyone and make people see that beauty can be fun and showcase your personality. ...But sometimes, I do sit back and wonder how many people are actually reading my posts and watching my videos.. or if I'm just spamming my friends with my crap and I'm too dumb to see it and they're too nice to tell me to my face.

    So thank you SO SO much! You have know idea how much your comment means. :)